Chile, Please: 8 Signs YOU’RE Not a “Grown A** Woman”

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Your Temper is on Level 100

So somebody stepped on your foot on accident, or took the seat you wanted on the train. Sucks right? You can be a bit pissy about it, but if you go on psycho mode immediately and have a response that’s filled with rage and foolishness, it’s clear you’re a big ‘ol crybaby having a temper tantrum. Like the woman with a stroller who had a seat taken from her that she wanted and decided to curse and pepper spray said seat-taker (then fought while the stroller rolled OUT of the train) this type of lady gets bent out of shape over the most inconsequential stuff and can end up messing up everybody’s day. Get a grip, some anger management and grow up already. Life’s going to get hard, but there’s no need to have a Mo’Nique in Precious type of response to everything.

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