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women exploring types of sexuality

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For a long time, most of society only acknowledged a few types of sexuality and only accepted an even smaller number than that. However, some experts assert that there are well over 40 different types of sexuality. The Better Health Channel describes sexuality as “Your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards other people.” They add that it isn’t only about who you have sex with – it’s also about who you want to have sex with, and it can involve feeling both sexually and emotionally attracted to someone, or just one or the other.

Sexuality is complex. And if you’ve never felt that yours fits into the limited boxes you’ve been offered on surveys like “straight, gay or bisexual” – that’s okay. You are far from alone. Furthermore, if you aren’t quite sure what your sexual orientation is, maybe you just haven’t come across the term to describe yours yet. Here are types of sexuality you might not have known about.



A cupiosexual is a subcategory of a sexuality with which you might already be familiar – asexual. Asexual individuals have no sexual attraction to anyone and do not desire sex. However, cupiosexuals are asexual, but, they still desire a sexual relationship. They do not feel sexual attraction to anyone, but they still want to engage in sexual activities. Cupiosexuals often do date and get into relationships based on a mental/emotional attraction with the assumption or hope that the desire to have sex with a person will come later.

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