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Season 5 of Love and Marriage Huntsville has delivered thus far. But episode 5 gave us the moment we’ve been waiting for. This episode features the infamous incident that was partially captured on Instagram live. The muffled audio from the video signaled that something went down in Huntsville, but baybee we were not ready.  Let’s get into it. 


There’s A Storm Coming

The episode picks up where it left off last week at the grand opening of Destiny’s store. A gold Mercedes Benz G wagon truck pulls into the parking lot. Since Melody made plans to crash the party, viewers assume it’s her. But it’s Destiny’s other nemesis Stormi Steele. Well, damn. The angry store owner instructed her assistant to turn the uninvited guest away. Melneka coaxes Destiny to reconsider and she reluctantly acquiesces. 

Stormi comes bearing gifts—a bouquet of flowers and a wrapped box. The Canvas Beauty products owner says she comes in peace. She goes on to congratulate her former friend while presenting the gifts to her. Destiny utters a curt thank you but her face says F-you. Stormi places the box on a table but not before letting everyone know there was a Gucci bag inside. Stormi goes on to work the room as if it were her party while Destiny seethes. The Messy M’s—Martell, Marsau and Maurice give Stormi her accolades for how she “played this.”  

We are unsure of Stormi’s true intentions but she came to get under Destiny’s skin and she was successful. 

A few moments later, in walks Melody Holt and her mother Vanessa. Similar to the other uninvited guest, Sis walks in like she owns the place. She greets the host with a quick “Hey Destiny” and works the room, giving hugs and hellos to the other guests. The former Mrs. Holt then posts up next to Stormi. The party crashers seem to be proud of their handiwork. Destiny is wearing her anger on her sleeve. Sis should have taken notes from the Omarion playbook and put on her “unbothered” game face. 


All The Way Live 

Getting on Destiny’s nerves isn’t the only reason for Melody’s presence, she is there to confront Latisha’s mother Wanda for spreading lies about her baby. The  ‘Love & Marriage’ theme is drop for drama. When Melody sees the aspiring restaurateur setting up in the parking lot, she makes her exit. As she leaves, Destiny finally speaks up. She accuses the party crasher of not speaking when she walked in. Melody denies the accusations because she did give Destiny a half-assed greeting and quickly turns her attention to her target.  The mother of four turns on Instagram live and begins to question Ms. Wanda. The producers told her to end her live video, but as we saw on the blogs several months ago, the Instagram camera was still rolling.  In the midst of their screaming match, Ms. Wanda tells Melody to tell the truth about her real baby daddy. Insults are thrown, fingers are in faces and neither woman is backing down. Leticia and Martell step in between the pair to stop the fisticuffs that were about to ensue. Marsau tells his wife to stay out of it.

Sir, that’s her mama!


Marsau ensures his wife that he will handle Ms. Wanda, he claims that he wants Latisha to protect  his wife from any harm.  It’s no secret Marsau doesn’t fancy his mother-in-law. We wonder if a small part of him wanted her to get her wig pushed back.  

The men escort Wanda into the building, but the grandmother escapes out the back door and makes an unsuccessful attempt to charge Melody from behind. For a 60-something-year-old woman, Ms. Wanda sure has stamina. We wish she would use it to do something other than fighting a woman half her age. 


Melee With The M’s 

As they calm the ladies down Martell, Maurice and Marsau discuss the argument between the two ladies, Marsau attempts to justify his mother-in-law’s constant cyber-bullying. We doubt he believes the nonsense coming out of his own mouth. The conversation gets heated and both men are restrained. Martell breaks free and goes after his business partner. The Scott brother tries to bust through the human barricade holding him back. What a mess! We think it’s safe to say Martell and Marsau’s newly reestablished business relationship is over before it started. ‘Love & Marriage’ quickly becomes blows and bros. 

If anything good came from this ridiculous brawl, it’s that Destiny and Stormi seem to have bonded over their mutual WTF-ness. The two stand next to one another and discuss their shock and confusion over the brouhaha. 

In the words of Nene Leaks:

“Whew chile the ghetto.“

Love and Marriage Huntsville will air on Saturday, Oct. 15 on the OWN network. 

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