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90-Day Fiancé recap

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Season nine of 90 Day Fiancé has been full of surprises and foolery. Episode 14 did not disappoint. Good intentions lead to bad decisions, good friends give terrible advice and people can’t seem to take what they dish out. Although this episode is somewhat uneventful, it did provide a teachable moment and some comic relief with a side of WTF. Let’s talk about it. 


Emily and Kobe


With less than a week away from the big day, wedding planning is in full swing. Kobe’s best man, Temperature (yes—his name is Temperature), arrives a few days early so the two men can have some bro time before the wedding. In true Emily fashion, she is annoyed when she learns about Temperature’s early arrival because it’s interfering with her wedding plans. Kobe brings this up later when he discusses he and Emily’s relationship with his best man. The soon-to-be groom says Emily is “wife material” but then he goes on to say she is controlling and unwilling to compromise on anything. Temperature, who immigrated from Cameroon to Ohio a year ago, claims American women are controlling. Temp advises his buddy to teach Emily the so called “African” way where men are in charge, let them tell it. 

Kobe shares the secret that is Emily’s pregnancy. Temp suggests Kobe move his growing family to Ohio where there is a big African community. With their help, Kobe can be better equipped to support his family. Kobe thinks it’s a good idea, but he doesn’t think Emily will go for it. Judging from what we’ve seen, Kobe is probably right.

The loyal groomsman further advocates for Kobe when he meets Emily. According to Temp, Kobe is a whole Cameroonian prince and therefore Emily should STFU and obey his royal highness. What in the Coming to America is going on here? Although Kobe did admit to having royal blood, Emily wasn’t impressed. As she stated, her future husband isn’t rich, nor does he have a kingdom. Emily will not be hopping on one foot like Vanessa Bell Calloway anytime soon.  


Ari and Bini 

Ari is shopping for a wedding dress while the multi-talented Bini is sewing formal wear for himself and his son. Ari says she is “going through the motions” but she doesn’t know if she wants to get married. Ari gives reasons why she and Bini shouldn’t get married— but she doesn’t listen to herself. Bini admits he and Ari are incompatible in many ways, including the cultural differences that greatly affect their relationship. But they have one good reason for trying to make their marriage work— their son, Avi. Having lost contact with his first child, Bini does not want to give up on this relationship in fear that he may lose Avi. It is noble that these parents want to stay together for the sake of their child, but that cute kid deserves to be raised in a loving environment. Healthy co-parenting beats a toxic marriage any day.


Miona and Jibri 


Jibri’s parents call the couple for a family meeting. Dad cuts straight to the chase—it’s time for y’all to get up out of his house. Jibri is surprised he is being kicked out of the house, but Mama Mahala reminds her son that he agreed to this several months ago. According to Mama, the couple was supposed to move out when they got married. “This isn’t personal,” Mahala said. One can’t help but wonder if this was a way to persuade the couple to postpone their wedding. Miona never wanted to live in Jibri’s parents house, so she is happy about this decision. Does she realize she will soon be homeless? Although his parents give him several months to secure a new place, Jibri tells Miona to pack her things, they are leaving tonight. Ego-driven homelessness for the non-win.  


Shaeeda and Bilal


Shaeeda contacted her lawyer in Trinidad to discuss the couples’ prenuptial agreement. The bride-to-be was advised not to sign the documents unless her fiancé agreed to make some changes. Bilal previously agreed to help Shaeeda reestablish her business in America. But if the couple were to divorce, he wants to keep a portion of her company. Shaeeda wants to keep 100% of her business assets, specifically because she closed her studio in Trinidad to come to the states to marry him. Upon learning Shaeeda’s lawyer was a family friend, Bilal tried to discredit his expertise by saying that he was working in Shaeeda’s “best interest”— this is what lawyers do. Bilal’s crafty attempt to disarm Shaeeda didn’t work. Sis stood firm with her requirements. 

What are your thoughts? Should Bilal have any rights to Shaeeda’s company or should Sis keep all her coins. 

90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC on Sunday, June 24 at 8pm EST.

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