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texas abortion legislation

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In most cases, unless a woman is wanting to be pregnant, she doesn’t take a pregnancy test within six weeks of a sexual encounter. But that’s all a woman gets now in Texas – six weeks to abort. That number is very misleading, as CNN points out. Doctors consider pregnancy to begin at six weeks after the first day of the last period. So for many women, the number is cut down to nearly just five weeks. Then there’s the reality that getting an appointment for an abortion is not always easy. One might need to start looking for one at least two weeks in advance. So a woman would need to know she was pregnant at four weeks, perhaps, to get an appointment by six weeks. Again: in most cases, the only women taking pregnancy tests within four weeks of a sexual encounter are those trying to become pregnant. So, it’s a catch-22 and an ugly one at that.

The six-week grace period was a token gift from pro-life politicians who knew damn well they might as well have banned abortions entirely because that’s what this six-week policy effectively does. It makes it nearly impossible for a women to discover she is pregnant in time to get an abortion. There is the option to go to another state – which the Texas Tribune points out is happening – but that option is only available to those who can afford it. Many women are terrified and out of options and their only hope is outside help. So if you’d like to be that help, below are organizations you can donate to that provide funding and assistance to women needing abortions.

texas abortion legislation

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The Afiya Center

The Afiya Center is run by Black women and focuses specifically on raising awareness of and addressing sexual and reproductive health issues that Black women are at a higher risk for such as HIV and maternal mortality. The organization was founded by health educator and professional speaker Marsha Jones who has been an activist for Black women’s sexual health and reproductive rights for years. Donations to The Afiya Center support their programs that assist Black women living with HIV/AIDS as well as help women gain access to abortions. They also organize Texas’s First Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Policy Summit, which work to raise awareness of reproductive and sexual health issues facing Black women.

texas abortion legislation

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Clinic Access

Clinic Access provides assistance and funding for the logistics that go into getting an abortion. Because many women in Texas now must travel far to get an abortion, the organization arranges for transportation either through a ride with a volunteer, gas money, or a bus ticket and helps pay for necessary accommodations for those traveling for the procedure. They also assist with childcare, for those who have a child needing supervision while they’re away for their procedure, and provide meal-stipends for those facing food insecurity. In some cases they do also help pay for an abortion.

texas abortion legislation

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Whole Women’s Health

Whole Women’s Health is a network of clinics that offer abortions and has locations in Charlottesville, Virginia; South Bend, Indiana; and Austin, Texas. The network has a fund that you can donate to that helps women who cannot cover the cost of an abortion. The fund also helps with travel and lodging for women who must come from other areas to seek services. They also provide legal assistance to those requiring it who may need help arguing their right for an abortion, and they have extensive outreach programs to provide education and advocacy for abortion, as well as fight the stigma surrounding it.

texas abortion legislation

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Jane’s Due Process

Jane’s Due Process provides medical services and legal assistance to minors in Texas seeking an abortion or facing teen pregnancy. Donations help fund their hotline which teens can call for guidance, ultrasounds, pregnancy counseling, legal counseling, abortions, and the training of new reproductive rights leaders at Jane’s Due Process. In addition to having clinics within Texas including in El Paso, Austin, and San Antonio among other locations, they also have out-of-state clinics for those past the six-week mark. The organization additionally provides birth control through their clinics, emergency shelter, abuse resources, parenting resources, and resources for those struggling to afford food.

texas abortion legislation

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If your passion lies within abortion advocacy and spreading awareness, donate to AVOW. AVOW works through public polling, youth leadership programs, educational programs and public research to educate Texan politicians and citizens about the importance of abortion rights. Their Next Gen program offers intensive training to volunteers who would like to become a part of the team raising awareness for abortion rights and potentially become a board member of AVOW. In addition to donating, you can also shop their merch to support the organization and represent through wearing their t-shirts, stickers, hats and more.

texas abortion legislation

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Fund Texas Choice

Due to the recent legislation in Texas, some women have no choice but to travel to get an abortion. However, this can be very expensive. It means not just paying for the procedure but also for the airfare, bus ticket, or gas to get to the destination, as well as a hotel room. Keep in mind that if a woman must travel several hours for an abortion, it is highly encouraged by medical professionals that she not drive back after. Paying for travel and accommodations means abortion is out of the question for some women. Fund Texas Choice pays for bus tickets, plane tickets, or gas for women who need help getting to their procedure, as well as a hotel room.

texas abortion legislation

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The Lilith Fund

The Lilith Fund is an Austin-based non-profit that provides services to those in central and southern Texas. If a woman cannot afford an abortion, they will help offset the cost or pay for the procedure. They also offer an emotional support hotline as well as a support line you can call if you are pregnant and need assistance understanding your options and working through the decision of whether or not to get an abortion. The organization additionally hosts wellness and educational events on reproductive rights and health.

texas abortion legislation

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The Bridge Collective

The process of getting to an abortion clinic is not just logistically difficult but also emotionally difficult. The Bridge Collective provides transportation to abortion clinics to women living within 100 miles of Austin, Texas. Instead of taking a bus, scared and alone, women can get a ride with a caring volunteer who is trained in providing emotional support to a woman who is going to or has just received an abortion. Donations fund the training of volunteers who provide safe and compassionate transport for women seeking abortion as well as transportation costs. Donations also fund doula kits which contain items such as wipes, pads, snacks, and tissues.

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