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a long distance relationship

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When you tell your friends, excitedly, that you’ve met someone, you see their faces light up. When you tell them he lives in another city, or state, their faces drop. People can worry that geographical differences won’t bode well for love, but some studies have actually found that living in a different place than your partner can contribute to relationship satisfaction. Long-distance dating is also incredibly common, with one study finding that a quarter of online daters have gotten involved with someone who lived far away. With many dating apps even implementing new features that let you specifically search for people anywhere in the world – like Tinder’s Passport – finding long-distance love is even becoming the thing to do.


Ultimately, who is anyone besides you to judge the validity or happiness of your relationship? It’s hard to find someone with whom you click. Making a connection is rare. So when you do, maybe it’s worth some plane tickets and vacation days. If you do have some miles between you and your lover, you will need all the help you can get to keep that connection alive. Fortunately, because long-distance dating is so common, many innovative apps have hit the market for the very purpose of helping geographically distant pairs. Thanks to technology, you can feel like your partner is basically in the room with you, no matter where he is. Some of these apps can even be fun for partners who do live in the same city, but want to strengthen their bond. Here are apps that help keep your long-distance love alive.


Between is like a private digital love journal for you and your partner. On it, you can make customized selfie GIPHs and emoticons to add a little special touch to your messages. It will store precious memories like love notes, photos, and videos. The calendar feature lets you share calendars, so you feel connected and has a fun countdown feature that counts the days until the next time you’ll be together – which can be especially encouraging for long-distance couples. Everything is encrypted and secure in the app. You can make free calls using the app, and even when you change devices, your account will store your data, and you can access it all on your new phone.


Desire is great for long-distance couples, as well as super busy couples. If you like the Dare portion of Truth or Dare and are willing to get a little adventurous, this is the app for you. Through the app’s interface, you’ll send your partner a dare – you can pick from thousands of categories – and he’ll film himself completing it, while earning points. Then he can send you a dare. The more you use the app, the spicier the dares become. If you have a competitive side, you should enjoy it. And if you’re into things like role play…you should also really enjoy it. It’s like your private portal for being naughty with your partner.


The We-Connect app syncs up to We-Vibe vibrators, so you and your partner can pleasure each other from afar. Connect your app to your partner’s vibrator, and you can control the intensity, vibration speed, etc. When you find the combinations that work best for you and your loved one, you can create customized vibration settings. It’s easy to use, as the intensity can be controlled with a simple swipe. This is a great app for couples who want to keep their physical connection alive, even when they’re miles apart, and can be a great complementary tool to phone or cybersex.


Gyft lets you brighten your partner’s day with a gift that will mean a lot to him or her, even when you’re far away. Through the app, you can send vouchers and gift cards to your beloved’s favorite locations, right where he or she is. So even if you can’t personally pick up a gift certificate to the spa your partner loves city, the app can help with that. You can send a note or video along with your gift for that special touch. There are hundreds of vendors on the app, and when your partner receives gift cards, he or she can store them in the app’s virtual wallet, keeping all the thoughtful cash in one place.

a long distance relationship

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WeFeel creates fun, interactive games and challenges designed to help long-distance lovers get to know one another better. Through its thoughtful and creative questions, it helps you share your inner thoughts and experiences with one another, boosting communication and strengthening your bond. The app lets you take advantage of one of the perks of long-distance dating: plenty of time to chat and get to know each other. It even has pointers from relationship experts to help you continue to deepen your connection. In addition to being good for long-distance couples, it’s also good for long-term and married couples looking to renew their spark.


Understanding and implementing one another’s love languages is always important, but it’s critical for long-distance partners who need all the help they can get feeling connected. LoveNudge removes some of the shame and guilt around asking your partner to speak your love language, and instead makes it a fun and playful challenge. The app contains quizzes to help you better understand one another’s love languages, and lets you set up goals to meet, so you can better speak your partner’s love language. It’s like a PalmPilot for staying on track with how to make your partner feel loved, and when to do it. Sometimes, we need a little nudge.



While Tinkovu says it’s for “friends,” it’s clearly for lovers. Once you connect to another Tinkovu user, you can do a little tap in the app that will send your partner a notification that lets them know you were thinking of them. It’s called a “tink” and you’ll love seeing your tinks add up as your partner thinks of you throughout the day. There are also customized quizzes to help you get to know one another, and flirty features like the Chrono Tink, which lets you write a message that your partner cannot open until a certain date, or the Memory Tink, which lets you create a souvenir photo from special moments.


Koya has a way of making your partner feel like you’re right there with them, and that you’re always thinking of them. If you know your partner will be at a certain place at a certain time, you can send a custom message – with an optional gift – that’s perfect for that moment. For example, on the morning of a partner’s big exam, when you know they’ll stop by a coffee shop, you can schedule a message with a video from you, a link to a favorite song on Spotify, and a virtual gift card to their coffee shop. It’s a great way to be involved in their special and important moments when you can’t physically be there.

Bond Touch

The Bond Touch app lets you give an accessory gift and create your own secret love language. The app connects to the associated bracelets, which both you and your partner will wear. When you’re thinking of your partner, you can let your partner know with a single tap. Their bracelet will vibrate and light up. You can choose which color it lights up, but you can also create codes using a multi-touch system. For example, three taps might mean “I love you” or two taps might mean “I miss you.” The app also lets you do things like share your location with each other and count down the days until you’ll be together again.


The iPassion app is perfect for couples trying to keep things steamy when they’re miles apart. It offers multiple choice quizzes, with questions that are sexy and intimate, like those about turn-ons and favorite positions. In addition to answering questions to tell your partner a bit about what you’re into, you can also quiz each other, and each time you get an answer correct, you collect points. A certain amount of points can be cashed in for a “hot favor.” There is also a chat feature where you can share private conversations. It’s about as good as foreplay gets when you’re in different time zones.


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