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B. Simone Fatih Over Fear Foot Action Collaboration

Source: B. Simone / B. Simone

If you follow B. Simone on Instagram, then you know that between her funny video clips, you’ll find moments of transparency, inspiration, and encouragement. This, in part, serves as the inspiration behind her Faith Over Fear collection, which is a joint collaboration between the Texas-born comedian and Footaction. We had the opportunity to catch up with B to discuss this collaboration as well as how she remains positive in the face of negativity.

MN: Tell us about your collaboration with Footaction and the inspiration behind Faith Over Fear

B. Simone: This is our second collaboration. I’m super excited. Footaction lets me have my hand in it 100 percent. They ask me, “What do you want to talk about? What do you want to do?” I like to be very transparent and talk about and do things that I’m going through in my life. Faith Over Fear has been one of my sayings for a long time and something I’ve heard over the years and something that I actually practice. So it’s kind of like manifesting through your clothing. On the clothes, it says, “Dream Bigger,” “Faith over Fear,” “Go harder,” “Just Believe.” As I’m talking to my supporters, I’m talking to myself too. So I have to have those reminders also so it’s a very positive collab.

B. Simone Fatih Over Fear Foot Action Collaboration

Source: B. Simone / B. Simone

MN: And this collaboration is a part of Footaction’s See Her initiative, which is a part of their No 1 Way program. Can you share more about that?

B. Simone: Yes, you know, women are different. There’s no one way to put a woman in a box. There’s no one way to see her. We are very multi-faceted. We have different talents, different purposes, different visions. We’re all creative. We look different from our skin to our shapes and sizes. I’m a prime example of that. I’m on my fitness journey. I just started my fitness page, B. Simone Fit. I’m showing people the transparency behind how people look on social media. A lot of it is a facade. I think it’s just about being yourself, walking in your purpose, being exactly who you were born to be, and not focusing on anybody else and comparing yourself to everybody else.

MN: Your Instagram is very positive in nature, but it seems that negativity is often cropping up as a result of some of the things that you post. How do you handle the negativity?

B. Simone: My best friend and I just had this conversation. I said, “Just knowing the truth.” She brought that up to me when there was a lot of negativity in the media. She’s like, “The only thing that matters is the truth.” The truth is that I’m an amazing person. The truth is I’m walking in my purpose. The truth is half the people that have a problem with me don’t know me, so they’re irrelevant. The truth is God loves me. The truth is I’m going to constantly be successful. The truth is I’m walking in my truth and I’m sharing my journey. I have to remember those truths and not worry about social media or the internet or what people think about me because people’s opinions aren’t the truth.

MN: I recently came across a video in which a couple of women accused you of stealing a dating concept from them. I was a little surprised because it’s a concept that I’ve heard dating coaches and experts share in the past. Do you have any thoughts on all of that?

B. Simone: I mean, not really. Like, the first person to do that was one of my good friends. Second of all, I have a whole relationship coach and that’s a part of her curriculum. So many people do that. I mean, Santa Clause tells you to make a list. Let’s not go there. You know. I’m not stealing anybody’s ideas. I never said that I made it up. It’s truthfully just something that works for me. I’m not giving people advice. I’m telling people my story and what works for me. Take it or leave it and guess, what? If you don’t follow me, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the 5.3 million people that follow me. My platform is for people that follow me. I’m not talking to you if you don’t follow me, so I wasn’t talking to you anyway, ma’am. I think people are reaching and it’s okay though. That’s going to happen. I’m used to it and you know, it’s okay, it’s okay. As I said, the only thing that matters is the truth. The truth is I’m walking in my purpose and doing what I was called to do, you know.

MN: Let’s talk about B. Simone Beauty. I’m a little late to the party, but it looks amazing.

B. Simone: It’s a cosmetic line. We have lip gloss, lip liners, accessories, makeup. It’s going to constantly grow. We’re constantly adding stuff to it. It’s almost two years old. In September, it’ll be two years old and I’m just pushing and working very, very hard on making that a billion-dollar brand. So we are only two years in and we have many, many years to go. We’re within the beginning stages, but that’s my baby. That’s my first real true business that I started and I’m proud of it.

MN: Last but not least, how are you juggling all of these businesses? What keeps you grounded?

B. Simone: It’s a lot. I go through those moments just like anybody else. I’m human. Yesterday was a horrible day for me for personal reasons. I cried all day. I was going through a lot but that’s where I have to stand on what I’m preaching like, God will test me like “Alright B, practice what you’re preaching to your fans. Faith over fear, right? Continue to believe, right? Manifest, right?” So I have to constantly practice that too. It’s a journey. It’s not overnight so I just encourage people to keep going.

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