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Last week, we reported that former NBA player, Lamar Odom, had some choice words for his ex-fiancee Sabrina Parr.

And he shared them on a national platform with renowned gossiper, Wendy Williams.

For those who need a fresher, Odom said: “That whole relationship—I felt like she’s a decrepit, reptilian type of woman, how she move. You know what I’m saying?”

Then Lamar threw additional fuel on the fire, making more claims on Parr’s sexual history.

After he told Wendy that he cheated on Sabrina, he shared: “I’m going to be honest with you Wendy, there were some things that made me always look at her out the corner of my eye. Like when she told me that she had slept with my ex-wife’s significant other.”

He was referring to Tristan Thompson.

Naturally, folks were wondering what Ms. Parr might have to say about all of this. During a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Parr decided to take the high road.

“I didn’t respond. I’m not going to respond. Of course I saw it. Everyone tagged me in it and I’m going to just allow Lamar—for his narrative to be his narrative. I literally have no intention to respond to it.”

When asked whether she wanted to clear up the claim that she slept with Tristan Thompson, Parr said”

“I’m not clearing up any claims. Whatever his narrative is, I’m going to allow him to have his narrative and I stand firm on that. I think at the end of the day, if people continue to watch him and watch me, people will be able to see what’s true and what’s not and what matters and what doesn’t matter. For me, it’s counterproductive to clear up anything. And that’s with all subjects.”

Parr denied ever asserting that Odom had begun using drugs again.

“I don’t really know when I made that claim. I never said Lamar was on drugs. Until this day, I’ve never said that. I never did. I also saw him do a post saying that I went on Wendy Williams saying something about him. That never happened. This is why I can’t clear up something that never happened. Those things never happened. You can’t make a justification on things that never existed. It’s counterproductive for me. I don’t have a desire to clear anything up. I don’t even have—I can say I didn’t say that because I didn’t say that.”

Parr suggested that Lamar has been following her on social media and attributing all of her posts to somehow be connected to him.

“Every quote I post—which I will continue to do that. I post things that are relative to me. Everything can’t be about Lamar and if he feels that way, he will forever be justifying and defending himself. Here’s my thing, if you feel like you didn’t do something, just let it go. Why do you feel like you have to clarify anything that you feel like someone said.”

To sum up the year she’s had, from getting engaged, calling off an engagement and currently going through a nasty breakup, Parr said:

“It has definitely been up and down. Currently, right now it’s like what is happening? Why can’t I move on and walk away peacefully like a normal person? So that has been challenging to navigate through. But I know my truth and I constantly remind myself of my truth and that just gives me the energy that I need to continue to go on every day.”

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