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The Harlem woman who was beaten up, bitten, and robbed in a vicious attack several weeks ago after rejecting the advances of her attackers shared a statement about the incident and her healing process via her Instagram yesterday (Feb. 1).

The 31-year-old mother, who goes by Taylor Marie on the social media platform, shared a series of photos that accompanied her statement. In addition to saying how grateful she was for all the support she’s received and the attention the incident has gotten, she also confirmed one of her attackers, Tyrone Cooper, the one seen in the red parka in surveillance footage, had been apprehended.

“Words cannot express my extreme gratitude for everyone who assisted in helping to apprehend this individual,” she said. “Whether it was re-posting, sharing, etc… Doing your own investigations. I am extremely grateful! 🙏🏽  While there is still work to be done to get the other 2 suspects, I am hopeful that with the continuing help of the detectives, the public, the media, my family, and friends all parties will be caught and justice will be served!”

“From the moment it happened,” she continued, “I was never angry nor full of hate as most would have expected me to be. That is just not me. I am a lover of positive vibes and good energy and I continue to be 😊 . I was more disgusted, confused, and hurt not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. I couldn’t and still cannot understand for the life of me why so much rage? Why so much anger? And why towards me???”

“The truth is I may never know why. WE may never know why, and I am ok with that. I have accepted that,” she added. “I’ve made my peace with that because I am alive and with my little one and my loved ones! From the moment it happened I put it in the hands of the detectives and the Lord himself. Then I prayed then I cried. I prayed then I cried some more. In the process of my praying and crying, I allowed myself to begin my emotional, mental, and physical healing process. I am so touched and even more humbled than I was prior to the situation at how many people were affected by what happened to me. After seeing how many people stood around and didn’t physically help me. I honestly did not think that much light would have been shared on my situation. I thought this would be a battle that me and the detectives and God alone would fight. Super huge thanks to Detective C. for keeping his word!! You are forever in my prayers.”

Contextualizing her experience in that of the mistreatment and abuse many women have dealt with, she emphasized that unfortunately, instances of women suffering various forms of abuse happen every day. As she sees it, not only do they impact the women in the moments they’re abused, but those incidents can also have long-lasting, “debilitating” impacts. Taylor Marie said no woman should have to justify her reasons for who they choose to “entertain,” and that women shouldn’t have to live their lives feeling unsafe or as second-class citizens to men.

“The sad truth is verbal, mental, emotional, and physical abuse is something that us women deal with all the time, every day. Whether it’s being cat-called then cussed out for ignoring, being harassed, being followed or stalked, having things thrown at you, yes it has happened, and especially being physically abused. IT IS NOT OK!!! IT’S NOT OK,” she said. “These things not only frighten, hurt, and mentally damaged women, sometimes and often enough it can even be debilitating to women. Keeping them from wanting to do normal and day-to-day things. What happened to me at about 5:40 PM after a long day of work. If this was the summer it would have been daylight and that is neither here nor there. We shouldn’t have to ask for respect and common decency at any time of the day. We do not owe anyone an explanation on why we choose to not entertain them. I’m offended that those punks had the audacity. We are not obligated to have to entertain the likes of any man. We are humans, not puppets, not subhuman compared to the male species. Thank you to the real-life KINGS out there who have spoken up and assisted in any way to shed light or get information leading to an arrest, and just to call out the cowards who do things like this. You are greatly and deeply appreciated.”

The series of posts ended with the last of her message, which was aimed at all the other women out there. Taylor Marie said that it’s important that no woman allow any number of men to dim their shine. For her, a woman’s power is held in how poised she is while things play out for the greater good. She also noted her effort to continue healing and being thankful for life, despite two of her attackers not yet being arrested.

“Ladies never let anyone especially a coward of a man or a group of them dim your shine or steal your glow no matter what happens. When you have a good heart your power will always be in how you stay gracious and allow Karma & God to do their thing! I’m healing well and continuing to appreciate life as it is… One down two to go!”

If you have any information on this ongoing case or on the two suspects who haven’t been apprehended yet, please contact NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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