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Mia Love

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Credit empowerment coach Mia Love believes that the key to financial stability is to understand it is affected by your physical wellness. When working with her clients to regain or restore their finances, she isn’t only referring to her training as a financial expert. Besides being a UC Berkeley and Stanford University graduate, she is also a level three Reiki and is certified in Prana healing. As a Reiki, she projects energy from her hands to be able to bring healing and balance to whoever she’s treating. Prana healing is the practice of breath work. When you breathe in, you’re taking in positive energy and when you exhale you’re exhaling anxieties and negativity. Love, not to be confused with the Utah congresswoman of the same name, uses these practices to take a holistic approach to helping people gain financial wellness.

Love, who owns financial company Real Freedom With Love (formerly known as The Good Credit Diva) told me that it is essential to use a holistic approach when helping people with their money issues because the root of their problem is deeper than they think.

“You’ll think you have an issue with your credit when in actuality you have an issue with your relationship with money,” she said. “I want to get to the root of that. Is it something that came from your childhood? Do you come from a house where people talk about bills or not having money? Every time you asked for McDonald’s did your mom say ‘Do you have McDonald’s money?’ Were you raised where there was a dread around bills?”

These experiences cause a person to grow up with a mindset that they don’t have the money to get the things that they want. That coupled with not learning financial literacy in school leads to an adult not knowing how to balance their finances and therefore having a poor relationship with money.

“There’s trauma there so we have to get to the root of that trauma,” Love said. “We really have to get to what those root causes are and why you have these dissociations with money and once we’re able to break those energetic ties and put in some positive reinforcement, then you’re going to have a better understanding.”

One of the ways Love helps her clients is helping them change their routines and reframe their thoughts around money through Prana healing and Reiki routines. She said that it is important for a person to go into the day fortifying themselves. One of the things she didn’t recommend doing was checking your phone as soon as you wake up.

“I talk about how people start their day. Some people wake up and check their phone and email. Now you have an email from Bloomingdales, then Nordstrom Rack, then you see an Amazon sale and then Marshalls. So now you’re in this situation and if you are using shopping or energetic habits as a void then you’re going to fall into that because it’s self soothing.”

Instead of checking your phone and email, Love recommends meditation, stretching and gratitude exercises.

“I teach people how to change their habits,” she said. “Wake up in the morning and start doing breath work and get that good Prana energy in your lungs. Think about the things you are grateful for. Do a gratitude stretch. Thank your body for being alive. Thank God and the universe for waking you up in your right mind. Appreciate your body. Then go into your day after you have meditated.”

Love also incorporates crystal therapy into her work with clients. She said the citrine crystal is known for attracting wealth so it is one of the main stones she uses with clients.

Heather Askinosie, energy healer and founder of Energy Muse jewelry, reiterated this about Citrine.

“As one of the most powerful stones for manifestation, it will help you bring your financial goals to life,”  Askinsokie told MindBodyGreen.

For those in debt, Love recommended seeking the Black tourmaline stone, which helps to “ward off unwanted energy and low vibrations that come from other people, places and situations,” Energy Muse noted.

She also cautioned against bringing bills into the bedroom. Instead of having the bills in your room, she recommended bringing crystals.

“Don’t take bills into your bedroom. Take the stone so you can discharge the anxiety that you feel about the bills.” 

A major part of Love’s work with her clients is helping them understand that their financial downfalls aren’t their fault.

“This is something that happened around you, not something that happened to you and you are not your circumstances.” 

If you would like to work with her, click here.

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