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Saweetie at the Billboard Awards in 2019, is not with fetishizing mixed-race women

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In a recent Instagram Live, Saweetie gave fellow rapper Too $hort something to think about in a conversation about interracial relationships. While the Cali natives discussed dating, Too $hort made it known that he prefers “the mix,” as in mixed-race women, which Saweetie is. To his surprise though, Saweetie wasn’t feeling the fetishization.

A clip from their Instagram Live conversation showed how the topic came about. Too $hort said that being from The Bay area shaped his preferences towards mixed-race women.

“Do you like interracial relationships?” Saweetie asked.

“I am from The Bay. Does that answer that?” Too $hort responded.

Wanting him to explain further, she said, “Yea so let the people know what they can find in The Bay Area because I know there’s a lot of Filipinos out there and I’m half-Filipino.”

“Okay so when I leave out The Bay, when I leave from The Bay as a youngster moving around, you’d see a girl, she’s kind of fair-skinned, light-skinned, and she got a little hair whatever, curly straight hair whatever, and you’re like ‘Aye what you mixed with?’ and they get like, they would get offended,” he said. “They’d be like ‘I’m black, I’m black,’ and I’m like ‘you’re definitely mixed with something,’ and they would get mad. But in The Bay, you can meet a girl, before you even say her name, you can be like ‘ayo what are you mixed with?’ and she’ll probably tell you that her mama’s this, her daddy’s that and mixed heritage women have always been my favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed”

She was taken aback and said “Really?” to which Too $hort replied, “and The Bay did that to me.”

“Really?!” she asked again.

Later, when talking about her experiences traveling outside of The Bay Area, Saweetie noted that it’s rare to come across Filipinos in other parts of the country. According to her, when she tells people she’s half-Filipino, people often call her “hella exotic,” but for her, being mixed-race is pretty normal considering the number of Black and Asian people having children together in The Bay Area. In a strange response, after hearing about her experiences traveling across the country as a mixed-race person, Too $hort brings up Saweetie’s mother.

“Yea I seen a picture of your mama,” he said. “You got a chip off the ole block. She did you good.”

To which she replied, “I’m defensive talking about my mom.”

“I ain’t said nothing except, I know where you got it from,” he replied.

Saweetie let him off the hook on that but backtracked to speak on Too $hort’s comment’s regarding his preference for mixed-race women. When she told him that Black women are beautiful regardless of whether they’re mixed or not, he shared that he’s dated “beautiful Black women” too.

“Being pretty is just such a word that is just thrown around, and you know you feel me, I heard your little comment about when people come together they make a beautiful baby, but Black women is [sic] beautiful period, on their own, with their own blood, you feel me?” she said.

“No doubt about it and you know I have, in all of my mixed adventures, I have had wonderful relationships with beautiful Black women,” he said, “and other women of one race but you know, I like the mix. That’s my thing. It’s just something that The Bay did to me. I like the mix though, when it’s authentic, you know what I mean?”

The Oakland-born rapper has mentioned his affinity for mixed-race and “exotic women” in the past. That includes on Kid Cudi’s “Girls” where he rhymed, “The baddest little b—h half-Black, half-Thai/Don’t be prejudiced, cause she’s mixed/I’d still f–k the blackest b—h.”


Regardless of his preferences, Saweetie reminded him that Black women don’t need to be mixed to be beautiful. Also, there are many mixed-race women who also identify as Black, so it felt weird that Too $hort made it seem like women had to be either/or. While many Black men might think it’s acceptable to fetishize mixed women, Saweetie let the people know no one will be talking crazy about Black women, mixed or not, when she’s around.

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