On G Herbo, Taina & Ari Fletcher: Is It Unreasonable For A Mom To Not Want The Girlfriend Of Her Child’s Father To Hold Their Kid In Public?

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Is it an unrealistic request for a mother to not want the girlfriend of her child’s father to be seen out in public holding her kid?

Rapper G Herbo‘s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, Yosohn, certainly doesn’t think so. After a photo surfaced of G Herbo’s girlfriend of close to two years Taina Williams (the daughter of Emily B) holding the 2-year-old, the child’s mother, influencer Ariana Fletcher, had some thoughts. For one, she asked the photographer to take down the image.

Secondly, while she didn’t address the situation by lashing out at Williams, she did say that she’d prefer if G Herbo’s girlfriend wasn’t seen out in public holding her child.

“I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her,” she wrote on Twitter after someone asked her about the photo. “So I don’t want my son uncomfortable.”

While Williams hasn’t directly responded and likely won’t (though this message was posted ahead of Fletcher’s tweets), her rapper beau sent out an interesting subliminal message soon after Fletcher’s comments.

Fletcher responded with her own subliminal dig. She put in her Instagram Stories, “How they get a cure for COVID before herpes.” During a previous contentious time between the exes (there have been quite a few), she alleged that he had herpes.

Man oh, man. All this can’t be good for their co-parenting relationship. But considering that everyone involved is in their early 20s, it’s no surprise that this is how they deal with concerns. It also doesn’t make for peaceful interactions when Williams is the woman Fletcher accused her ex of cheating on her with after having Yosohn back in 2018. (She has since moved on with rapper Moneybagg Yo.)

Is Fletcher’s request a petty one? It’s hard to say. When you’re a mother, if you truly are apprehensive about interactions between your child and your ex’s new partner, you have the right to speak up about it. And if Williams said that she felt like the tot isn’t a fan of her, Fletcher may have thought being captured holding him in public came off as inauthentic and an attempt to look like everyone is in a good, familial place.

Where she went wrong though, is speaking about it on social media, of course. Even without any over-the-top shade, the tweet in itself is somewhat shady because it talks about Williams publicly and it makes it seem as though she and the child have beef of some sort. He’s a 2-year-old. Toddlers like who they’re used to and can be chilly with those they’re not used to. Just because someone feels as though a child doesn’t like them doesn’t mean the hope for a relationship is gone and that adults should help that child be distant. If Williams has treated him in such a way that he might be uncomfortable, then I could somewhat understand her issue. But then it would be more sensible to request that she not carry the child both publicly and privately. Not only that, if it’s that much of a problem that it had to be openly expressed, then the request would be that she not get too close, or be present at all when G Herbo is spending time with their son.

Chances are though, it’s not that deep. Fletcher may just be uncomfortable with the picture from the mama bear standpoint. Who likes seeing another woman holding their kid, especially if you say that woman was the cause for your breakup? And because both Williams and her son don’t look like they’re having oh so much fun in that picture, she may not have been a fan of any of it. But it just doesn’t help anything to turn it into a public topic (though we appreciate getting to debate about it!).

Though neither mom nor dad seems set on keeping it cute to co-parent right now (again, we’re talking about twentysomethings with big followings, big money and not so big maturity just yet), for the rest of us, the situation is an example of how not to deal with what you deem to be legitimate upset over something pertaining to your co-parent and their partner. It can blow things up, as opposed to helping all parties come to a peaceful understanding if you make it an even bigger issue by talking to everyone but your co-parent about it. Conversations, even about some of the most odd and seemingly petty requests, can go a lot further if your true desire is to make things copacetic for your kid. But if chaos is what you’re into instead, then hey, subliminal messages, direct messages, carrier pigeon messages — whatever your jam, go right on ahead.

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G Herbo son

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“I just feel bad for Taina because she’ll forever be in the middle until the mother matures,” said @classicninamae. “and Yosohn is a child that is clearly being taught the ways of his mother Chile.”

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 30: G Herbo and Taina Williams attend the All Black Birthday Celebration at Gold Room on November 30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

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