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Before he was diagnosed with cancer, Keke Wyatt first had an inkling that her teenage son Rahjah was sick when the family went to a theme park together and he could barely walk. He had to get a piggyback ride out of the park.

“I knew it was a horrible problem when we went to Six Flags and you literally sat in one spot at the park and was like, ‘Mom, I literally can not move,'” she recounted in her new YouTube vlog about her family. “I was like, what?”

A then pregnant Wyatt, her husband Zachariah Darring, her son Kendall and Rajah were all captured attending a doctor’s appointment by Freddy O for the vlog. In it, both mother and son talked about how quickly Rajah’s condition turned upside down out of the blue.

“I was tired and fatigued. I couldn’t do nothing,” he said. “I wasn’t eating.”

They thought he was starving himself, to the alarm of his mom and his doctor, but he just couldn’t muster up an appetite.

“For a mother and a doctor, watching a teenage boy, 13 years old, don’t wanna eat nothin? That’s in question,” she said. “You dropped weight drastically.”

But as Rajah said, he wasn’t eating because “I was dying. I was literally dying and didn’t know.”

Concerned, his blood was tested to figure out what could be going on. Rajah’s doctor ended up calling the singer at 12 a.m. one morning and saying she needed to come to the hospital ASAP. Wyatt was hesitant at first. She prodded and asked if they found cancer, claiming she was “being dramatic,” and got the shock of her life.

“She said ‘yes.’ Honey, my butthole fell on the floor,” she said in her comical way. “My throat hit my butt and my butt hit the floor. I couldn’t believe it.”

“When she said leukemia, honey my teeth literally started chattering.”

The good news though, is that after all the scary moments, including Rajah having seizures in the hospital when his brain swelled, he is cancer-free now. He has a port implanted in his chest to help deliver medication to a large vein near his heart, which she explains in detail in the video. He also has his days where he’s understandably exhausted, and Wyatt says he needs to avoid stress and intense activity because of how hard his heart has to work.

“They watch the heart, protect it, try to protect the heart as much as they can, because literally, all that chemo and stuff is literally, I don’t want to say frying his heart, but it puts a lot of stress on the heart.”

All things considered though, Rajah is in a much better place to the joy of his mom and family.

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