A Man’s Perspective: Does Vanessa Bryant Deserve Half?

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Are we surprised that another high profile couple bit the dust? No, not at all! However men and women alike  were caught off guard when we found out that Kobe Bryant didn’t have Vanessa sign a prenuptial agreement some 10 years ago. Love is blind and all that but Kobe was worth a pretty penny before he got married to the 17yr old he met at a YoungBloodz video shoot back in 1999. Much to the displeasure of his parents, Kobe married Vanessa and was so smitten that he didn’t have his well paid lawyers prepare a prenup for the pretty lady to sign. #wheredeydodatat

Kobe’s not the first idiot to let love blind him into entering a lopsided marriage where his fortune is at stake and the partner has everything to gain. Paul McCartney comes to mind for some strange reason. Unfortunately for Kobe, the good state of California cuts the small talk and asks for half up front plus child support. I’m reminded of that prolific line from the great wordsmith Kanye West “cause when she leave yo a$$ she gon leave with half!” I’m inclined to believe that Vanessa deserves a quality payday but half is a number I can’t fathom sharing with my ex wife. Now what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine until you want to leave, then I have to get Oran “Juice” Jones on you and tell you to leave with what you came with. Let me break down why Vanessa shouldn’t be getting half:

Till death do us part
What  happened to the sanctity of marriage?  What happened to couples taking their vows before God and being accountable to the word they whispered from their hearts to God’s ears. Oh those were just words, ok then!


When did y’all stop calling her a gold digger?
Women of all ethnicities have been calling Vanessa Bryant a gold digger since day one. Now all of the sudden women are singing the Whitney Houston “I’m every woman” theme song and raising their fists in solidarity with their downtrodden sister. Spare me the melodramatics. Some, please note the emphasis on the word “some” black women in particular were too through with Kobe for marrying the young Latino girl in the first place but now when his money is a question you’re ready to burn him at the stake. #Suspect

That $4 million dollar ring

When Vanessa accepted Kobe’s apology from his sexual assault case in the form of a ring worth $4 million dollars, she sold her soul to the divorce devil. She took the money and good life that he provided her and said to the world “I stand by my cheating a$$ man.” Now she wants half and gets to keep the ring, I smell a hypocrite.

She can’t shoot

The main reason Kobe Bryant is a rich man is not because of his good looks or anything that remotely  has to do with Vanessa. Kobe’s rich because he can play basketball, end of story. She can’t play ball and showing up to games dressed in Lakers gear doesn’t count! So the fortune he’s amassed comes from his skill as a ball player which has nothing to do with Vanessa. Waiting to Exhale this is not. Vanessa was no Angela Bassett who put her dreams on hold while serving as a  secretary for some fledling business of Kobe’s. No, she was a 17yr old high school video vixen, she was headed for the life of any other video vixen we’ve watched become washed up over the years. Kobe, unlike most rappers and ball players, chose to marry her rather than take her on a shopping spree and find someone else the next week. Must be the lower Merion in him.

Did she meet his needs?
Kobe Bryant is a very relaxed young man with impeccable ball skills. The Black Mamba is the calm before the storm but how does he get so calm. Was he getting that “calm” at home? I’m of the belief that he was not which might account for his alleged cheating ways. I’m not saying the brother was right for creeping – not at all! However, having seen these two out and about and their awkwardness I’m just saying, if she wasn’t helping to create the calm I can’t see giving her half of what the calm helped to earn plus child support.

If I was inclined to say that Kobe should lose the money he’s worked long and hard for it would be this:

Get a Prenup stupid
How does someone who is so smart on the basketball court wind up being so stupid when it comes to their finances. Listen love is great and all but with 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce the odds were that Kobe and homegirl were not going to make it. Now, someone like me can afford to not sign a prenup because I’m not worth millions of dollars. So if Kobe loses it all, it’s because he’s dumb and we don’t respect hustling backwards over here.

He was cheating “allegedly”
My man after you got cleared of rape charges for getting it with the hotel maid and she stuck with you you’re still out here doing dirt. You can’t expect to receive any sympathy in the courts or in the court of public opinion. Your ship has sunk my brother. And you’re dumb again — with all that money be more like D. Wade (allegedly) and have assistants who handle your women so that the Mrs. never finds out. Why is it that men with way less means can have whole families that no one ever finds out about and everyone is cool but millionaires can’t keep their biz out the streets. Cut the check homie!

Do you think Vanessa Bryant deserves half? Why or why not?

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