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Continued from last week.

After seeing Christian with his child and her mother — with him literally telling me to my face why he’s in love with her– he was still crossing the line with me.

“Great seeing you,” he wrote in a follow-up Facebook message. “Still dying to eat you.” He had the nerve to end the message with a kissy face.

“It’s not gonna happen, Christian. No sir. You have no act right,” I said to him, definitely trying to convince myself that it would never happen between us.

“OK, fine. I officially rescind my adulation and undying love for thee. Signed, A Man With Some Act Right,” Christian messaged me back.

“Adulation!? That’s what you call sticking your hand in my pants and putting my hand on your…” I wrote back. “That’s lust sir.”

“Maybe I’ll get the chance one day to show you more than lust?” Christian was speaking as if he wasn’t just in my office, with the mother of his child, for a Black love video.

“You are in a relationship Christian and y’all have a kid!” I responded.

“Yes, and we’re open. I’ve wanted you so bad, for so long.’

I left Christian on read for literally four years after that message. I couldn’t handle what he was putting down even if his relationship with the mother of his child was an open one. Plus, with a child in the midst, it was too rich for my blood. It was easy to avoid the messages on Facebook and he’d only hit me on texts once in a blue moon.

I figured he finally gave up the ghost on me. Then out of nowhere, there he was again, in my inbox, asking all the questions.

I tapped in and started answering, missing his mystifying and intoxicating presence. He didn’t mention the distance or the length of time that passed since we last spoke.

“I got a new place in Brooklyn,” Christian offered.

“Me too actually. I finally got my own apartment! But it’s kinda deep.”

I told Christian the neighborhood I’d moved to. He told me he moved into the same one. “That’s dope. You’re walking distance from me. I’d love to see you. Maybe grab a neighborhood bite?”

That neighborhood bite turned into neighborhood drinks and a neighborhood walk, where we ended up back at his sprawling and unbelievable lofty, but not a loft, Brooklyn apartment. It was the kind of place you’d see on a movie or TV show about New York City, but never actually meet anyone with the kind of money one calls “figures” who would have that type of space. Christian did. I had several questions, but I didn’t ask them.

It looked like he had just moved in and was buying furniture slowly. There was nothing there that implied he had a daughter or anyone else living there with him.

“Wow, this is gorgeous. Can I get a tour?” I asked, taking off my shoes and following him into his massive living room.

“Later,” Christian said. “Have a seat. Relax. Enjoy. We’ve got all night for a tour,” He went over to a bar cart and poured us both a drink. He sat down next to me, offered me the glass with brown liquor swirling along the bottom.

“Is this your place?” I said looking around, mesmerized by the sheer wealth of it all. The Christian I knew didn’t have all this. Then again, of course, I didn’t really allow myself to get to know Christian outside of our flirt sessions and messages I avoided.

“Yes, Dani. I’ve made some smart decisions and I’m at an age where I want to spoil myself, finally, I guess. I want to spoil you too,” Christian put his drink down. “You still have that issue with your foot?”

I used to complain to Christian–before he showed up with his open relationship and baby–about any and everything I was going through. I definitely used to complain about my foot that I broke years ago whichwould ache from time to time.

“Yeah, it still bothers me sometimes.”

“Lean back. Relax. Here…” Christian placed my drink on the table. I leaned back into the couch and he lifted my foot into his lap. “Tell me where it hurts.”

That man worked his fingers through the pain in my foot, up my leg and — yeah, of course, I ended up butt naked sprawled out on his king size bed. He finally got to taste me after wanting to for so long and this was one of those times where a man bragged about his abilities and deserved to. Woo child, Christian’s tongue found my soul, snatched it, put it back, made love to it, and rocked it to sleep. I’d never in my life felt like that before.

Christian didn’t just bring a scholar level A-game when it came to what that mouth did, his sex was on the same level, if not higher. I cried. Like legit let out a yelp and a tear flowed. I felt like I won the lottery. My body’s filled with goosebumps now remembering our first time together.

“You said it was never going to happen Dani,” Christian giggled with his head rested on my inner left thigh. He kissed those lips. I shivered with goosebumps dancing everywhere on my body.

I laughed. “And now I can’t wait for it to happen again.”

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