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Woody and Amani

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Last night’s episode of “Married at First Sight” was the one I had been waiting for. The honeymoon is over, the couples are seeing how each other really lives, and the cherry on top came in form of Pastor Cal pushing each of them to have open and honest conversations. Now, we’re dealing with the nitty gritty of marriage, chile.

Each couple had some eyebrow-raising moments that could very well turn into real issues going forward but only time will tell.

Check out the moments that stuck out to us during last night’s episode.

Will Amelia have a problem with Bennett’s less than mature relationship with money?

Amelia and Bennett are so chill, it’s hard to pinpoint any issues between two of them. They certainly seem to be the most compatible in terms of personality and lifestyle. I don’t know if they’re not telling us something but I’m surprised their physical intimacy increased more by now. But it’s still very early. I loved that Amelia loved Bennett’s tiny house and was able to express that appreciation to him. He wondered if his “less than mature” relationship to money would be a problem for her. I don’t really think so. Sis wants to work and make the money. And as long as he’s not squandering her’s they should be good.

The biggest hurdle for them is the one down the road where they’ll have to decide if they’re going to stay together if and when Amelia has to move for residency.

Is Brett no longer able to hide his a$$hole tendencies?

Was it just me or did it seem that once Brett got back to New Orleans some more of his true character showed up. His brothers warned that he likes to use jokes and jabs in his close relationships. But those are relationships that have been forged over time. Making snide comments to a woman you’ve just met who you’re trying to build with might not be the best strategy.

Is Olivia a little too inflexible?

But in Brett’s defense, I didn’t like how Olivia turned her nose up to his home. I think she got a little ahead of herself trying to force him to love her home so he would live there at the end of the experiment. If I had to bet money, I’d wager that they won’t even have to make that decision. Furthermore, if Brett owns his home, what he’s not going to do is sell it so he can go back to renting. And the things she complained about at his place like décor and cleanliness are easy fixes.

What was really unfortunate is that Brett is really proud of his home and Olivia’s lackluster response to it, made him “feel like sh*t.” Which is understandable. And it certainly showed up again later when the two sat down with Pastor Cal. I think it’s clear that Brett is always on the defensive because he’s actually quite sensitive.

This money thing between Olivia and Brett…

I wasn’t entirely convinced that Brett was intimidated by Olivia making more money than him. But after the conversation with Pastor Cal, it’s clear that it’s an issue. When they were discussing Olivia’s desires to travel, see the world and have experiences, Brett immediately took that as a threat, like she thought less of him because she made more or that she was asking him to “ruin his retirement.” When really she was concerned about living the life she’d like to with him by her side.  But instead of talking about his insecurity or concern about saving money, he hurled  jabs and insults about her “throwing money away.” He even went so far as to say she didn’t have a budget. Bruh…you don’t know her like that. He’s got to find a way to deal with his emotions so he can hear what is actually being said and respond in a way that is not demeaning. Even the cat that was chilling on his chest knew the get the hell away from him during that tense a** conversation.

Not using protection! Whew…

I was too shocked to hear that Amani and Woody hadn’t used protection. Imagine having a child with a man you’ve only known for ten days. It’s a whole lot. And with the concerns Amani has expressed about not knowing if the feelings she currently has for Woody will last, it would be in her best interest to wait and see before they procreate. That whole conversation made me wonder if the show does blood tests for all the participants beforehand. Like, do they know if their partners have any STIs?

The hair cutting conversation…Yuck

Pastor Cal came in a lit sh*t up. Amani and Woody were in a bubble but he asked them if they were having real world conversations. And naturally, after ten days, there were some things they had yet to address. It got real tight when the topic of decision-making came up. I don’t know what it is but “hair-cutting” is always a thing for Black couples. Woody was saying that Amani getting her hair cut would change the dynamics of their relationship because he wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore.

She said that as his wife, he should be able to identify other things besides her physicality that work for him.

The conversation eventually shifted into Woody saying that an ex had an abortion without talking to him about it first and so he likes to discuss things with his partner before they make a decision that will affect the both of them.

I understand that a woman having an abortion when you would like her to keep the child is a lot to endure. But even with a decision of that magnitude, while it would be nice and even customary for a man to be included in that discussion, that still doesn’t mean that at the end of the day, the decision lies with the woman. Yet another reason to use protection.  Because, as a man, after that initial deposit, it really is out of your hands.

Christina still complaining

Henry doesn’t say much but he did feel the need to point out Christina’s impatience and complaining. And he’s not the only one who’s noticed. Sis walked up in the house they’re supposed to live in for the next few weeks and immediately started talking about how she didn’t like this and didn’t like that. Girl, it’s not yours and it’s not permanent. I can totally understand how that can be annoying for someone like Henry who is easygoing all the time.

Friendship vibe

Because Henry is so unexpressive, it’s hard to tell what was really going on with him. But during his sit down with Pastor Cal, he let him know that he just isn’t feeling Christina like that—on a personality level. The words he used were “friendship vibe.” Yikes. Hell, I was shocked to hear that Henry had other relationships, let alone relationships that progressed quickly. I’m curious to know if they progressed because the woman was the initiator and aggressor or if Henry is a different type of dude when he’s really interested in someone. Either way, it was good to have his feelings out on the table so the two of them can decide how they’ll move forward from there—if they even want to.

I’m afraid someone hurting me

If anything, I was most intrigued by the conversation Pastor Cal had with Karen and Miles. It was clear from Karen’s tears that she’s still not over the trauma of her last serious relationship. She said that she’s not afraid to show herself or be seen, she’s afraid of being hurt. I think we can all relate to that. The question really is, in her desire to protect herself from being hurt will she be able to open up enough to let Miles in?

Does Miles know what he wants in this marriage?

The fact that Miles couldn’t answer what he wanted from Karen or what he wanted out of marriage period was the first sign of real immaturity I’ve seen from him—that and them damn shoes on his bed. Pastor Cal mentioned the fact that givers can be depleted quickly. And that’s something he should really remember, regardless of what happens between him and Karen. Your needs can’t be fulfilled if you don’t even know what they are. And that’s a deeply frustrating thing for a partner as well, always trying to guess what you want and need from them. Whew. Work to be done.

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