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Porsha daughter braids

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Porsha Williams doesn’t care to hear anyone’s opinions about what she chooses to do with 1-year-old daughter Pilar’s hair (aka, PJ).

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star made this clear on her daughter’s IG page after people took to it, as well as Williams’s personal page, to express their confusion and for some, disdain, over the child having extensions in her head at such a young age. The reality TV personality has, as of late, been posting images and video with her daughter wearing extensions. People seemed to have a particular issue with the short box braids she most recently had installed. Well, whatever the intentions behind people’s comments, mama wasn’t having it.

“Mom Note: a lot of you MF’s just got Blocked!” she wrote. “I hope your comment about my baby’s hair was worth it:) Her hair is longer and healthier than yours so please mind y’all bald headed business! Thank you”

Not everyone who commented about Pilar’s hair had something disapproving to say though. People commented on recent pictures of the tot to say that they loved her hair.

“PJ hair is ALWAYS LAID 😍😍😍i love her braids,” said one commenter.

“Those little braids be so cute on her,” stated another.

“Hey Porsha gurl… i did the same thing with my only daughter when she was a baby too, yea they talked…but i didnt listen!!” said another supportive fan of the look. “I kept right on jazzin up MY baby hair and now she grown jazzing it up HER self now! It looks great gurl F ‘em gurl.”

Check out the mixed bag of reactions people have to this little lady’s look by hitting the flip:

While this person wasn’t too sure about the look for such a young girl, another person told Williams to ignore the critics.

“She is a beautiful little baby people got something to say because misery people want to make your day misery. Porsha you does a very great job taking care of your baby i love her hairstyle.”

This commenter above got PJ’s age wrong, and thought the choice to give the child braids was wrong. The individual below disagreed.

“Some people ‘stay busy’ minding other people’s business. You’d be happier if you be yourself instead of wishing you were porsha! Beautiful baby PJ, just beautiful.”

Twitter users clearly weren’t here for the braids, no matter how short or harmless they may look. However, people who follow and support Williams and her baby girl had her back and said kids need to be off limits.

“She’s beautiful!! ” said a fan. “Please, don’t talk about other people’s babies. Babies are off limit!”

This Twitter user called out the box braids in PJ’s hair, but an Instagram user didn’t understand the fuss from people they deemed haters.

“Dont pay any attention to those grimmy people whom are go no where dead from the kneck up probably not voting azzez. Protect your spirit n keep on doing dah dam thang!! Pilar is gorgeous… Hugz!!”

One person thought the braids were too much, but an Instagram user said Williams is far from a parent doing “too much.”

“I love her hair with or without extensions I think she’s just adorable you’re a good mom at least you’re not giving me lip injections and breast implants beautiful keep up the good work”

Yes she did! And this Instagram user below said she’s glad to see how much care Williams puts into her daughter’s hair.

“Porsha God has blessed you with a beautiful daughter. I love to see mothers that keep their child’s hair done. There are parents out there that will have their heads looking better than their kids and I just shake my head. Keep up the good work that you do.”

While the Twitter user above seemed confused about what they were seeing, the Instagram user below said Williams styles her baby girl’s hair just fine.

“HATERS are always out there just waiting. You have no time to feed into that. They are jealous because your Little Princess is Simply Gorgeous.Just like her momma”

The great box braid debate. The user above couldn’t really believe it, but the one below loved the look.

“I love her hair. People hating already cause she is cute and get it from her momma. You are going to have to teach her about how women will hate on her beauty anyway so her ready. She is soooooo adorable.”

The commenter above? Not a fan, but an Instagram user commended Williams for her daughter’s styles saying, “PJ Hair is ALWAYS on FLEEK…With her GORGEOUS Self.”

So where do you stand on the conversation? Are braids with some extensions a big no-no for a 1-year-old like PJ? Whatever you think, it’s Williams’s daughter, and her decision, so that has to be respected.

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