15 Myths About Sweet People

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I am often called a sweet person. A lot of people would describe me as soft, gentle, and rather feminine. I have a somewhat high voice. I try to be warm and welcoming to new people I meet, and certainly to the people who already mean a lot to me. I love animals and babies. And the color pink. At first glance, you wouldn’t label me as an alpha female. And I’m okay with that. I don’t need to enter every situation by kicking the door down and dominating the room. I know that I’ll arrange things the way that’s best for me without being the loudest or the pushiest or the outwardly strongest. So, yeah, I guess you could say I’m sweet. But that doesn’t mean I’m a lot of the other things people think sweet people are. Many people misread sweetness as a weakness, and that simply isn’t true. If anything, I think those who enter situations by being domineering and appearing tough, they might be the weak ones – they have to put on a show to cover up for the fact that they’re afraid they may not have a handle on the situation. Don’t sleep on us sweet individuals. If we’re sweet, it’s because we’re often internally strong enough to do away with all the peacocking that others do. Here are common misunderstandings about sweet people.


You can talk the whole time

I’m a good listener. That’s an important quality to me. It’s an important quality to me to have, but it’s also an important quality for me to see in the people with whom I surround myself. A lot of people mistake the fact that I’m a good listener for the idea that they can talk the entire time they see me, never letting me speak. And sure, they can, once. But I won’t be calling them for a second hang out or a second date or a second interview or anything like that. I seek out other active good listeners. I’m not your therapist.

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