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As we all know, raising boys to become men is a critical and delicate matter. If parents nurture them too well, they run the risk of raising someone who can’t stand on his own two feet. But we all know what too little nurturing can lead to as well…

Congrats to all the women who can churn out the men who know how to handle their business and be gracious at the same time. Unfortunately, this here ain’t the slideshow that’s going to celebrate those wins. We’re here to illustrate the losers.

Celebrities provide great examples of the types of people that are in the rest of the society – in this case, moochers. You know, those random members of your family who will take any opportunity to capitalize off your success.  We decided to highlight the infamous brothers of some of Hollywood’s celebrities.  These guys have milked the system aka their siblings” success and stand as the kind of men you do not want to be with (unbeknownst to them).


Ray J

“Hey, wait a  minute, isn’t that Brandy’s brother?” Yeah, many people would say that Ray J has come into his own but the fool de juor has made a business of riding the coattails of his sister who broke big in her mid-teens. Ray-J’s claim to fame has been a VH1 reality show, a few hit singles and, of course, the sex tape he made with Kim Kardashian. If Ray J wasn’t so cocky, we may have been able to appreciate the small amount of success he’s had but the fact that he’s so full of hot air discredits any of his lil achievements (yeah, those three hit singles). Man up Ray J.


When I saw Fantasia’s brother acting a damn fool on her reality show, I felt sorry for the songstress. With a mooching brother like that, how far could she really get ahead in the game. Rather than get a real job and use his newfound riches to promote a hard work ethic, he complained and begged his sister for money and time at every turn. Draining family members are a big cost.

Robert Kardashian

Robert appeared to be one of the most sensible family members of the Kardashian clan when the hit show first made its debut. He was one of the few who even attended college. But fame certainly got to his head and it wasn’t long before the only male of the clan became a bona fide moocher. After graduating from USC, he went on to live off the family riches, move in with his sister Khloe and Lamar, and develop a lazy frat boy attitude. As far as we know, Rob has yet to get a real job besides prancing around on “Dancing With The Stars.”


Jermaine Jackson

Did I hear right? Does Jermaine live in the Jackson family compound with his kids and his parents? SMH. Another big SMH: he has the same baby mama as his brother Randy. Ugh. While MJ and Janet were working hard keeping the family estate afloat, many of the other siblings in the clan were busy spending that hard earned cash. Jermaine Jackson definitely got to live the most lavish life , taking part in public appearances and representing the family in a variety of ways.

Gerald Imes

Mo’Nique’s brother took to Oprah to apologize to his younger sister for sexually abusing her when they were children.  How janky is that? Mo’Nique was angered by the fact that Oprah gave him that platform, which appeared to serve his own purposes just as much as it served Oprah’s. We agree. Family business is family business. Imes went to jail for molesting another girl long after he abused his little sis. Although he accepts blame for his acts (and professed that he was abused himself), we still think he took the wrong route in trying to make things right.

James Lackey (Usher’s Bro)

Okay, so James is not as bad as many of these losers. We don’t see him much in the presence of Usher looking for freeby publicity but the news as of late, Lackey has been actin up for real. He was arrested in mid-November for allegedly beating up the mother of his child. When you have a famous brother like he does, one’s faulty moves also impacts the famous sibling. We hope that this incident was a one-time thing!



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