Black Women On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus

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*Panda is a 37-year-old trans sex worker who has maintained their clientele in the wake of the virus.

MN: How has your line of work been affected?

P: See what’s really special about this, is that I can work from home too. I know, crazy. Like I still see a few of my veterans but people are really scared. But no one’s like really stopped and I dont think no one can really stop. It’s like maintenance work. But I’ve switched to like cam work, but it’s kinda hard if you don’t have your name out there already. And since some of my people have faded out a little, I’m still fine. The sun’s out and my pockets are fine

MN: Are you worried about contracting the coronavirus from your clients?

P: I’m not and only because everyone’s been on quarantine and everyone’s been really serious about it. It’s not like people are out here not listening. People are listening and taking care of themselves and I’ve been eating my fruits and vegetables and staying on top of my health and immune system. 

MN: Over the last few days, government officials have taken drastic, but necessary measures to contain the outbreak. Some of those measures required business owners to lay off their staff. Can you talk about that process—from when you learned you would be laid off, until now? Are you without insurance/ needed resources? – (I have a clarification question out to her here

P” So my job job had to close down because we’re not considered essential, but I always felt like it was always OK if I lost that job because I had my supplemental income. And honestly, I’m not out on the street you know? And I thank God for that because I know some people are struggling. I do not have insurance but I have savings and I have enough for me and mine and that’s my insurance. 

*MN used the alias “Panda” to ensure privacy.

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