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There are some things that we really take for granted. There are those items that we can always buy, any time we want, that we don’t even realize are so valuable to us. Of course, the second we don’t have them, we understand their impact. Naturally, right now, people are focusing on collecting survival items like batteries, water, and food. And if you’ve done a good job getting the basics, good for you. That doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You don’t have to be totally uncomfortable during quarantine. Just because coronavirus has us cooped up in our homes doesn’t mean that we have to totally give up on our creature comforts, and sink down to a quality of life that’s formidable.


As a woman, you know there are some particular items that you really need to remain comfortable. Men have their stuff, too. My partner, just for the record, stocked up on…of all things…Rogaine! See, we can’t even say that only women need their vanity items right now. My partner is over here concerned about his hairline during the apocalypse. Of course, I don’t know if all the Rogaine in the world could combat the stress that this current COVID-19 outbreak is causing him. Nonetheless, it’s one of his safety blankets. He panicked at the thought of going without it for months, so he ordered it in bulk.


And I, as a woman, have my things that I cannot imagine living without for long. I already realized I forgot to pick up some at my recent store run, and am quickly facing the consequences. I’m talking about razors and the very, uh, wild state of things down south right now. And in my armpits. Yikes. Here are essentials every woman should stock up on for quarantine.

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Birth control

Whatever your form of birth control is, make sure you have plenty of it. If you can get in touch with your doctor right now—though she’s likely overwhelmed and underprepared for these circumstances as the entire health care system is—just ask for a six-month prescription. I’m not saying you’ll be in quarantine for that long, but…just in case.

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