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Alright the “Love is Blind” finale has been out for a while now, and the reunion has aired, so nobody can get mad at me for spoiling anything. I’ll admit that my partner and I got pretty into it. We decided to watch it after a particularly tumultuous dinner with my partner’s in-laws aka my parents, and just needed to watch something easy. “Let’s put on something dumb and mindless,” we said. “Just some background noise,” we insisted. We had no idea how totally invested in the show we would become. It got to the point where if one person tried to speak during the show, the other would give them the be quiet hand and look very irritated. I swear, sometimes when we’re watching Netflix we forget that we can just pause and rewind anytime.


We formed strong opinions about the couples. My boyfriend has a man crush on Barnett and essentially thinks he is perfect. Meanwhile, I could kind of see Barnett being a cheater one day. If he’s loyal to Amber, it’s only for fear she’ll kill him if he cheats! My boyfriend thinks Jessica is evil and immature. I kind of think she’s just someone who wanted to love Mark, because he’s clearly a good dude, and tried to convince herself that she did. Until she just couldn’t anymore. But, yeah, she probably shouldn’t have kept trying to slide up in Barnett’s business after he was already engaged.


Regardless of how invested I got in the microcosm of these individuals’ relationships, the reality is, if we zoom out, get back to the real world, and think about what’s going on, no matter how good any of them seem at the one-year reunion, the odds of those couples staying together is rather slim. Even if we all love Cameron and Lauren. Love sure is blind, as research has shown, but it’s blind in the sense that we are blind to our partner’s flaws when we love them. Including personality flaws, which isn’t great. Here is why it’ll be tough for the “Love Is Blind” couples to stay together.




Everyone’s great a year in

Okay so Barnett and Amber, and Cameron and Lauren, are still married one year later and seem happy. Please let’s all try to remember that, considering the duration of the show, that means that they’ve still really only known each other for about a year. How many roughly year-long relationships have you had that failed? It’s okay if you’re too embarrassed to answer, but I can tell you I’ve had five. Five. Almost any couple with a base level attraction to each other can make things work for a year. A year isn’t anything.

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