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wedding costs breakdown

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A few years ago, the popular wedding planning site The Knot released a study revealing how much money the average American couple spends on a wedding, and it’s to the tune of over $30,000. That’s a year’s salary for some. And, keep in mind that study came out in 2017 so today, the number may have increased. That’s a scary thought. That figure of roughly $30,000, by the way, is just the average. So keep in mind that you have those spending way more than that. Oh my goodness. On one day of their lives. Some are spending the money it could take to fund their lives for several years all on one day’s experience.



Is it worth it? The answer is different for everybody. I guess it depends on what you want out of a wedding. Are you trying to prove something to others? Are you trying to impress people? Or are you trying to create an unforgettable yet intimate experience with the people who really mean something to you? The truth is that, even if you are leaning towards that last experience, you still don’t have to spend a small fortune to do so. The wedding industry is, in many ways, a scam. A lawn is a lawn is a lawn…until somebody wants to host their wedding on it. Then it’s a “venue” that costs $7,000 per day. A cake is a cake is a cake…until it’s a wedding cake, and then it’s $400. But…it’s just flour and eggs and sugar. Did the value of those multiple by a thousand suddenly?


Some of the upcharge is inevitable. If you want a day that is truly special, then certain things are going to be pricier than they normally would be. Sure, you can feed friends at a potluck for $5 each, but that’s baked beans and hotdogs. This is your wedding, and you want to do something a bit more upscale. Even still, you should know there are some expenses that are a total scam. There’s enough stress that comes with wedding planning as it is.


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