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Once a man starts to behave protective of me, that’s when I know he’s developing feelings for me—deep feelings. Just to be clear, I’m talking about a man being protective and not possessive, as there is a difference. A protective man wants you to feel free, but he wants to do what he can to keep you safe while you’re free. A possessive man wants to control what you do. You don’t want that in a partner. But the man who is protective of you—something clicks in him one day and he realizes, “Oh, if something happened to her, I’d be devastated. Something has changed—she’s changed my life—and now there is no going back. She’s precious to me. I have an obligation to take care of her.”


It feels so nice to have that kind of care in your life. Pause and ask yourself if your partner does care for you that way. To be caring without being controlling is the ideal balance in a partner, but many of the men you date before finding the right one will fall too far to one side of the spectrum. They’ll either monitor your every move, even telling you not to do something not because it’s unsafe for you, but rather because it makes them uncomfortable, OR, they won’t really give a damn where you are or what you’re up to, because they aren’t really invested in you. Neither one of those situations feel very good. You want a man who’s got your back, but isn’t pushing you in any direction.


When you have that in a partner, you can feel it. There are just subtle changes—little things he’ll do—that you’ll notice. It’s sweet and heartwarming, and sometimes a little funny. Here are things a man will do when he’s protective of you.


Watches you start your car

Whether you’re just driving across town or leaving for a road trip, he watches you start your car and drive off to make sure your car is running okay. And before you do leave for a long drive, he asks you if you’ve had the pressure in your tires checked or if you’ve had an oil change recently. He makes sure your cell phone is charged, in case of an emergency.

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