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Kenya Moore men holding daughter

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The premiere episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was certainly entertaining on Sunday night. There were baby parties, newborn babies, babies in the womb and more, and out of nowhere, an interesting debate about who can hold them.

There was a moment near the end of the episode at Kenya Moore‘s Barbie-themed soiree for baby Brooklyn where a young man was seen holding the then seven-month-old child. Now, we don’t know who the guy is. It could be assumed that he’s a friend since he was present and seen moving around the party, or he could be the guest of a guest. Whatever the identity of the guy, Moore wasn’t having it when she noticed Brooklyn in the hands of the man.

“Hold on, hold on. Marc would have a fit with having another man holding his baby,” she said.

Moore seemed to more so address her nanny, who apologized for any inconvenience the moment could cause as her boss walked away. The guy seemed understanding, but did make sure to bug his eyes out when Moore walked off as if to say, ‘Yikes!’

She further spoke on the moment in her confessional, saying, “Listen, in marriage you pick and choose your battles, so please hand over the child, please and thank you.”

While the moment seemed light enough, people online were very much confused by it. This was especially the case because her husband, Marc Daly, was out of town on business and didn’t make the party. People felt that if he doesn’t want another man around his baby girl, he should probably be more present. Some also took it as a sign of the kind of relationship Moore could have been in that she would feel like she would need to get Brooklyn out of the guy’s arms and make it clear that it can’t happen again — at least not on camera.

As it turns out though, Moore admitted that Daly didn’t say that. On Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the premiere and that she was a guest on, she claimed her words had been twisted.

“That’s not what I said. Actually I just said — you know, I just felt weird about having another guy holding her in such a public place,” she said. “That was all me. Marc has never said anything to me about that.”

She didn’t go into detail about why the guy holding Brooklyn in front of everyone was a no-no, but she made it clear that that was her stance.

I have noticed that we are in a time where a lot of people are trying to take extra precautions to protect their children, even from their partners — that is, the fathers of their children. I’ve heard people talk about not letting their baby’s fathers give their kids baths. I’ve heard people say men they would trust in most cases they wouldn’t trust to watch their children. People are trying to be extra careful because if Black family secrets have taught us anything, it can be your own family members and good friends who hurt the children you love. Plus, we don’t know how well she knew this man. I get it. But in some ways, rules such as this can feel a bit harsh, especially since it was a public place. If there is ever a time to have such a stance, it would be about maybe leaving a guy alone with your baby, not when everyone at a party can see what he’s doing with them.

Nevertheless, that’s her daughter, and if she wants male hands off (obviously with the exception of Daly and close family and friends like BFF Brandon DeShazer), you don’t have to get it, but you will have to respect it.

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