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marrying young age

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I don’t really know what the rush is around getting married young. You really have your whole life ahead of you in your twenties—can’t you spare a few more years single? You’ll have plenty of married years even if you marry late. I guess people who are 23 or 25 believe they have learned all they have to learn. They think they are full-grown adults. They believe they have experienced all there is to experience and really won’t be changing their core values or ideas. The truth is, the very fact that they get married young could mean that they never change their ideas or values. Even if they should have. And I’ll tell you why: we are often hesitant to grow or change if we can sense that it would mean the dissolution of our relationship. But, as someone who is in her thirties and not married, I can say I am so glad I did not to get married young. I see things so differently now. I can’t imagine having arrested my development of the age of 25 or 23, which is really what would’ve happened if I had married then. Here are the things you’ll regret if you get married too young.


Missing out on all of the dating experiences

Some people get married young because they think dating just sounds scary and horrible. But they can quickly feel they actually missed out by just marrying their first or second serious partner. As they listen to their friends have interesting dating experiences and learn lessons from every one, they can realize the chaos of it all is actually a lot of fun. It really teaches you what you want in a partner, and what you don’t want. And you’ll always cherish those hilarious stories of bad dates and even those strengthening experiences of bad breakups.

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