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I almost hate to write this story. Honestly, it’s cliche and played out. But we should all be aware that in the year of our Lord 2019, men are still telling women what they should do with their bodies. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s on brand for what men are doing from the judge’s bench on down. And we already know that more than a few men tend to get too controlling in romantic relationships.

A woman shared a story like this recently on Twitter. Apparently the woman got a hair cut and the man she was seeing did not approve. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And he would have been within his rights to tell her whether he liked it or not—what he did though was disrespectful and likely said more about him than he did about her.

In the midst of this paragraph, this man said:

“I cannot even look you in your face I don’t feel comfortable in bed…it honestly makes me feel less of a man like I’m f*ck*n with a bulldagger.”

He said that after personality and loyalty looks are the most important thing to him. And he said that when she first came back with the haircut he almost dumped her. But then it started to grow on him—until she let her barber line her up.

At the end of the day, this is an example of toxic masculinity. He briefly mentions that the haircut doesn’t suit her in his opinion and then says it grew on him.  But in these paragraphs, he spent most of his time speaking about the ways her haircut made him question his sexuality. Interestingly enough, for as much as he despised the haircut and the way he described it compromising her femininity, he was still able to perform sexually…and rather quickly according to the Twitter user.

And while he said more than enough in this first text, he had more thoughts.

After all of this, the people of the internet wanted to know one thing.

See what she said in response.

You can check out the reactions and assessment to this hot mess of a story on the following pages.

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