How To Talk To Your Partner About Manscaping

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To all the men out there who tease women will full bushes, who crack jokes about having to find the vagina amidst a forest of hair, and who complain when their partners fall behind on their waxing appointments, we’ve got news for you: we aren’t wild about your pubic hair, either. I mean, really, at least when a woman has a bush it’s a thing she’s going for. When men are rocking a bunch of pubic hair, it’s just…an unruly mess. It doesn’t have that same tidy shape and tamed curls of the female pubes. Male pubes are wiry and unpredictable. Of course, if you are a woman dating a man who needs to groom down south, you may struggle to determine just how to convince him to do this. If he’s never touched the area with a razor, the entire idea of altering his pubic hair may seem foreign and frightening. But it doesn’t have to be. Here is how to talk to your man about manscaping.


It makes his stuff look bigger

When he removes his pubes, his penis will look much larger. What guy doesn’t want that? Just knowing that will boost his confidence in the bedroom and he’ll want to do it with the lights on. And when men feel confident, they may actually get a better erection.


You manicure your area

You can remind him that you manicure your area, and he likes that, doesn’t he? He appreciates you keeping things trim down there, isn’t that right? So then why exactly should you do that for him if he won’t do the same for you? Hmmm. Maybe you’ll just cancel your next waxing appointment until you work this out.


You’re not asking for a full shave

You’re not even asking the man to do a full Brazilian—or, what some call a “Boyzillian”—to trim things. Nope. You don’t even require him to strip it all, even though you probably do so for him. You’re just asking for a little tidying up.


It makes the area more appetizing

You could mention that you’d enjoy giving him oral much more (though you’re likely already more generous in this area than he is) if he’d remove some hairs. You’ll happily go a little deeper since you won’t need to worry about a mouthful of hair. In general, the area just looks more appetizing when there’s less hair.


And more appealing in general

Overall, you’d be more likely to reach down there and give the area some love if you know you won’t get a handful of hair. And his dick pics would be better received, too.


You’re not trying to floss down there

You could tell him that you’ve had the very unfortunate experience—as many women have—of getting his hair stuck in your teeth. That’s just not right.


It can reduce odor

Hair has a way of trapping odors. Actually, it has a way of trapping plenty of things. If your partner puts soap down there (which, hopefully, he does) there could be residue that looks like dandruff of the pubes. Between old crusty soap and trapped sweat, pubic hair can cause some unfortunate smells.


What if your jewelry gets stuck?

You like to wear rings, earrings, necklaces…depending on what you’re doing, a variety of jewelry could get stuck on his curly hair down there and cause a very painful event.


You can do a trade-off

You can make him a deal: if he grooms how you want him to down there, you’ll groom how he wants you to. It’s only fair. Who knows—maybe he’s into a full bush and you’ll be off the hook.


It’s very common

If he’s embarrassed about grooming because he thinks it’s a “feminine” thing to do and that not many men do it, he’s wrong. It’s actually very common!


Pubic hair is a home for critters

Pubic hair can provide a nice little place for critters to nest like bed bugs, mites, spiders, crabs…Yikes! That fear alone should have your man reaching for the razor.


He can wear a speedo

If he has been wanting to wear a speedo, maybe he finally will once he removes that hair. A man just can’t rock a speedo with curly q’s peeking out around the sides. That shouldn’t even be legal on a public beach.


He’ll feel cleaner

He’ll notice that he feels cleaner. You know that you, as a woman, feel cleaner when you’re shaven down there. And he will, too. That freshness will put a little pep in his step.


You’ll do it for him

If he wants, you’ll shave his pubes for him. It can be a part of sexy shower play. And, if he promises to be very careful, you’ll let him do the same to you.


He can grow a beard

If he’s always wanted a beard but you haven’t permitted it, this is another place you can compromise: he can grow out his face beard if he removes his genital beard. You’ll actually win here because having a man perform oral on you with a beard is a rather nice experience.

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