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nice guys always finish last

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I’m not sure if the saying, “No more Mr. Nice Guy” came from a guy who was disappointed with how his love life was going, but I could certainly see that being the case. I hear enough men say things like, “Women only like jerks” or “Nice guys finish last” to know that there are a lot of men out there who are beginning to resent the fact that they’ve been, well, nice. A part of me obviously wants to send out a world-wide memo to women saying, “Date the nice guys!” or “Stop stepping all over nice dudes!” but the truth is that that would only be treating the symptom and not the cause of the issue. The reality is that, men shouldn’t earn the right to turn into jerks, all because they didn’t get what they wanted by being nice. To be truly nice means to be that way, regardless of the outcome. In fact, it’s what makes the genuinely nice people so wonderful. So, to men who are tired of being “the nice guy,” here’s what I have to say to that.


Being nice doesn’t entitle you to anything

Men who give up on being nice because it isn’t helping them get the girl are, actually, not that nice. They’re essentially saying that being nice entitled them to getting what they want, and since they didn’t, they’re going to punish the world now by being a jerk. It’s kind of like men who complain of being in the friend zone.

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