Alleged Sex Tapes, Side Chicks And Sexual Predation: All The Things Kevin Hunter’s Been Accused Of Doing Over The Years

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As we reported earlier, Kevin Hunter has finally responded, publicly that is, to Wendy Williams’ decision to go forward with filing for divorce from him after more than 20 years of marriage. The big reason for that is allegedly due to claims that Hunter has been cheating, specifically with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. Last month, she welcomed a baby girl that he may or may not be the father of. Now that ish has hit the fan, Hunter is on his Sorry 2019 Tour.

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans,” he said in a statement. “I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.”

But Hunter’s alleged behavior isn’t just an issue that recently became a major problem. For quite some time, he’s been accused of everything from cheating, to sexual predation of Williams’ employees, sex tapes and more. So he should probably say sorry about more than just his recent “actions.”

For a rundown on the accusations against him over the years, you’ll be glad to know we collected most of them for you. Hit the flip to find out why it’s about time Wendy Williams threw in the towel.

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In 2001, Wendy Williams released her best-selling book, Wendy’s Got the Heat. In it, she opened up about finding out that Hunter was cheating on her after she had their son, Kevin, Jr.

“In those forty-five seconds my woman’s intuition kicked in and I knew he was on the phone with a lover. No woman deserves this. I wanted to kill him,” she wrote.

At the time, she claimed the only thing that would make her leave was the success of the mistress, if he loved said mistress, and, interesting enough, if he and the mistress welcomed a child together.

“The only thing that would make me walk out for good is if he lied about anything – if he was in love, if she was just as successful at what she does as I am in my career, if she had his baby.”

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In a lawsuit filed against Williams and Hunter, he was accused of not only physically abusing Wendy in front of staff of The Wendy Williams Experience, but also of the sexual predation of an employee.

The employee, Nicole Spence, said he “repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways.”

Williams denied the allegations against her man at the time, telling the New York Post, “Her allegations are totally false. This b—h is out of her mind.”

The case was dismissed with prejudice, as in it can’t be re-filed, in October of that year.

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The Jasmine Brand published a report that there were allegations against Hunter claiming he was involved with a transvestite prostitute. The individual, Monica, aka, Mistress Terri, claimed she had his phone number, knew the address to the New Jersey home he shares with the talk show host, and had been in a long-term relationship with him.

Though Williams nor Hunter addressed the claims publicly, cease and desist letters were reportedly sent to sites about the story.

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In 2012, Williams decided to speak on the rumors about her husband, trashing the claims brought up in the 2008 lawsuit and of an alleged sex tape that surfaced of someone who looked like Hunter with another woman.

“If there was any of the above, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now,” she said. “No, absolutely not. People will always, for the rest of my life, throw darts at my situation. They will throw — and we explained this to our son — they will throw them at him, they’ve thrown them at me in my entire career, my husband. He knows what he was getting involved with, but it takes a special kind of man to be with a ‘Wendy Williams.’”

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While speaking to Vlad TV in 2013, Williams talked about how she had been impacted by Hunter’s past cheating, and why she chose to stick around.

“I’m not back to the girl I was before him because when you get stung like that you never go back to who you were. Only a fool does. But I love him and he loves me,” she said at the time.

“If you told me when I was twenty five years old or thirty years old that I would stay around for a cheater, I would have been like ‘you’s a lie.’ I’ve got way too much to offer a man to stick around for him cheating on me, you know? At that particular time I had my career in radio, I was making a great salary, I had vacation property of my very own and the world was my oyster, so I definitely thought I wasn’t staying around for some cheating. But I did and I don’t regret it.”

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By 2014, Hunter’s alleged infidelity had become so well-known in the industry that people Williams went after on her show, hit back at her about it. When Williams questioned Porsha Williams’ choices and intelligence following her divorce from Kordell Stewart, Porsha wrote on social media, “Should you stay with your husband after he cheats? Or Should you judge everybody else and not want to be judged? @WendyWilliams.”

And who could forget when Evelyn Lozada put her on blast?

After referring to the Basketball Wives star’s son as a “cash register” in her relationship with now-ex Carl Crawford, Lozada said via Twitter, “Since u want me 2 open Dulce n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store. Bloop!”

She added, “Oh…BTW…he purchased the Casadei suede over the knee boots triple platform just in case you wanted to know.”

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And so it began that in 2016. The Daily Mail received a tip about the possibility that Hunter was openly having an affair with a longtime mistress named Sharina Hudson. After doing their own investigation, which lasted an entire year, they published in 2017 a full expose, with a whole host of photos of the pair together, outside of a home they reportedly shared in Morristown, New Jersey, outside of the gym, going to restaurants together, and of Hudson with what looked to be a giant engagement ring on. A source told the publication, “Kevin is with Sharina three or four times a week, often staying over. They go to the gym together, they go out to restaurants together as if they’re a normal couple. But then he goes home to Wendy as if everything is normal there, too. He’s living a double life.”

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After The Daily Mail published their story, to plenty of controversy, Williams had no choice but to speak up. She told fans on her eponymous talk show that despite what people had heard, she was standing by her man.

“It’s some sort of weird story going around the Internet regarding my husband. Look, I’m a straight shooter. Pow, pow. All you got to do is Google him and you see the story. You can believe what you want, but… [flashes ring] I stand by my guy,” she said at the time in 2017.

“All is well in Hunterville. Don’t believe the hype,” she added. “And if there was hype, believe me you, I would let you know. And by the way, I’ll be following this story. So I guess I’ll have to watch to find out what happens.”

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By 2018, the rumors were everywhere and were being used as more fuel for folks who took issue with Williams. When Roseanne Barr visited Williams’ show in March of that year, she was pressed about her ex-husband, Tom Arnold. Barr responded by saying, “I don’t like talking about husbands . . . Right, Wendy?”

And former friend and co-worker, Charlamagne tha god, said on Watch What Happens Live that Kevin was the reason Wendy had fallen out with him and many other people. During that same year, she went through quite a few health issues, and by the end of it, appeared on the show in a sling. There were rumors that Hunter may have had something to do with her being in it…

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Rumors of abuse continued, thanks to Hunter’s own mother speaking out and telling tabloids that she had seen him put his hands on Williams. Hudson was also seen out in the world with a baby bump, which created a lot of stress for Williams, who took an extended hiatus from her show. She eventually returned, claiming that her family was fine and her ring wasn’t going anywhere. She would later share that she was staying in a sober living house to help her battle addiction issues.

Soon after, Hudson gave birth to her daughter, who was rumored to be Hunter’s. After that, we saw Williams without her ring a few times, and she tiptoed away from stories about her marriage until last week, when she finally filed for divorce.

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