Excuses Negative People Make For Being Negative

April 12, 2019  |  
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I am certainly someone who takes, considers, and even appreciates constructive feedback from time to time. In fact, I ask for it when it comes to important decisions like dealing with an issue in my romantic relationship, dealing with a difficult coworker, handling strife with my mother, or dealing with a troublesome neighbor. If something makes me very emotional and angry, are usually know I am too close to the situation to make a good decision on how to handle it. So I will ask outsiders for their feedback. I say this to state that I’m not so sensitive I can’t listen to some criticism. But then, there are people who just seem like they wake up ready to find issue with every situation and every person they look at. It seems like they always look for the negative, and aren’t even happy until they are well, unhappy. It’s a sickness, in my opinion, to always look for the negative. I’ve had to tell a few people in my life that I no longer wanted them in my life because they were too negative. They had a whole list of excuses as to why they were that way, and I personally think those excuses were null and void. And they were just that—excuses. They really did not justify their behavior. Look, even if someone has an excuse to be negative, why not just be positive? Here are excuses negative people use for being negative that I think are just BS.


I tell it like it is

How can you possibly be so sure that you actually know how it is? You never fully know what is going on in someone else’s life. You never fully know what their struggles are or what their background is.

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