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Jasmine and Will

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For just about every couple on Married at First Sight, I’m sure we knew how things were going to go on Decision Day. But when it comes to Will and Jasmine, I felt like it was 50/50. There was a possibility they might stay together and give it another shot, as well as a chance that they might want to call it quits. I personally thought they would be on the same page about whatever decision they made, either both wanting to divorce or both wanting to move forward with their marriage. So imagine my surprise when Jasmine, whose efforts as of late in the marriage were being rebuffed, said she wanted to work on their relationship outside of the MAFS process, and Will said “Nah.”

But the signs were there, right? I found that the couples who stayed together embraced affectionately when they walked into the room. That’s likely because they were separated for the night and missed each other. When Will walked into the Decision Day room, he didn’t try and hug her first. She patted his back and then he turned and gave her a hug, but didn’t respond when she said, “Hi! I haven’t seen you all day.” The body language was also real between them, as there was a great deal of space separating them.

It should also be pointed out that when Will was asked what he loved about the marriage, it was the friendship. He told her that she had somewhat become one of his best friends.

The vast majority of their final conversation among the experts was about what they didn’t agree on about their relationship, with Jasmine saying he needed better financial goals for the future. Probably didn’t help.

He also gave a major hint that he was going to bow out of the relationship when they were discussing their disagreements on gender roles and he said, “I don’t want you to sacrifice and then that can breed resentment.”

And yet, Jasmine put her heart on her sleeve and hoped that with more time, their marriage could grow and get better. She told the experts she did want to stay married to Will. I was quite shocked, but I could respect the idea that someone would think a matter of weeks was not enough time to really know someone and want to see things through as far as they could go.

But Will had his mind made up, and until the very end, he was going to shirk being as honest as possible about why he didn’t think they would work. He said that he too felt they could benefit from more time together. But ironically, after telling her that he felt like he could share everything with her, his “best friend,” he went on to say that they had communication issues that were too big to surmount. As backwards as that sounds, we know that has been his complaint week after week after week. So he asked for a divorce, to which Jasmine responded with disappointment and tears.

I felt for her because she was probably hoping that if she showed him she still wanted to make an effort to fight for their marriage, he might do the same. That wasn’t the case.

Pastor Cal made it known that he didn’t like Will’s decision, saying that he was going to miss out on the “stratospheric” greatness Jasmine could bring to his life. But Will knows himself. He knows how he felt and whatever was pushing him to leave was strong enough to not be ignored. However, as I stated last week and still strongly believe, while Will knew what was going on with himself and his feelings, he didn’t make that clear to Jasmine. He never let her in on how certain comments and conversations made him feel. He kept her in the dark about it and masked it all as “communication” differences. He was correct, but it was more so that he wouldn’t communicate openly and honestly with her. He wouldn’t say that it was true that the emotional connection was missing and in turn, it made him incapable of having sex with her. And because he tuned out of the relationship a while back and wasn’t sexually attracted, he probably didn’t want to just have sex with her because he could and end up leading her on (as was the case with Kate and Luke).

Still, I’m glad Will honored how he felt and didn’t let Pastor Cal guilt him into changing his mind. Moving forward if he knows he’s not committed to doing so wouldn’t be fair to Jasmine, and the audience could tell for some time that he was no longer committed. Better to be all the way in as opposed to halfway. But I do wish he would have been completely open with her, the good, the bad and the ugly, before throwing in the towel, because at least then he would have given it his all…

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