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male friend attracted to me

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My very hilarious friend recently got out of a long-term relationship and said that she had thought she had lots of male friends but it turned out they were just very patient men. That really made me laugh because it rang so true. Most women have had that experience—they break up with their dude, and then all of these men who have proclaimed to just be their friends change their behavior. They start getting flirty. They want more one on one time. It’s clear that they aren’t just kicking it—they have an agenda. What’s a girl to do if she loves her male friend, and suspects he wants more? Well, not much, actually. He’s a grown man who has the ability to profess his feelings. He can’t expect the woman to drag it out of him. But still, even if he doesn’t say it, here are signs your male friend is waiting for you to be single.


He never gets serious with anyone

He hasn’t gotten into any serious relationships since you’ve known him. He’ll sort of date but, things just fizzle. You’ve also noticed that if you try to set him up with someone, it seems to bother him.


He suggests a breakup often

If you tell him about a fight you’re in with your man, he usually jumps right to suggesting you two break up. He never gives him the benefit of the doubt or looks for the possible solution for the situation.


He does too sweet of things

He does things that are so sweet and thoughtful, one might think he were your boyfriend. He makes you play lists, washes your car for you, and does some other pretty boyfriend-*ss stuff.


He doesn’t want to befriend your man

He hasn’t shown interest in getting to know your boyfriend. If you guys hang out, he leaves the second your boyfriend shows up. That’s probably because he’d feel guilty about his feelings for you, if he befriended your man.


He doesn’t ask about your man

He doesn’t ask you about your man. He only asks about you. If you think about it, it’s pretty standard to at least, at some point, ask how someone’s long-term partner is doing. But he never does.


He changes the subject when you talk about him

If you bring up your man, your friend changes the subject. He doesn’t ask follow up questions. He doesn’t seem excited about the good thing that happened to your guy.


He asks you to shop with him

He asks you to go shopping with him. He wants you to pick out his clothes. If you can’t go with him, he sends you selfies from the store. That’s sort of what a man does with his girlfriend.


He asks you to decorate his place

He also insists you decorate his place. He needs you to go to several stores with him to pick out furniture, paint, art etc. He needs you to come over several different days to set things up. That’s some other boyfriend behavior.


You’ve been his plus one, many times

He takes you as a plus one to weddings, office parties, and anywhere he can bring a date. Isn’t it a bit odd that he doesn’t bring, like, a real date to these things?


Your almost breakup angered him

You once got very close to breaking up with your man, and your male friend was very invested in the story, asking for updates twice a day. When you decided to stay with your dude, your male friend almost seemed…offended.


He cares about his appearance

He is self-conscious about looking gross in front of you. He is always put together when you two hang out. If you catch him in his sweats, un-showered, he’s embarrassed.


He won’t do bathroom humor

He doesn’t want to talk bathroom stuff with you. He just won’t go there. That’s kind of odd because usually, two just friends joke about that stuff. So why does he want to keep that boundary up?


Your mom prefers him; he doesn’t mind

Your mom is open about wishing you’d marry your best friend, and your best friend doesn’t argue with her about it. In fact, he kind of blushes when she says it.


His friends and family hint at it

His friends and family make jokes about him holding out for you. He gets a little too defensive when they do that.


He jokingly said so once…or not

He once, when he was drunk, told you he was in love with you. You said nothing and he instantly said, “Just kidding!” He’s also joked that if you are both single by age 40, you should get married (but we all know those pacts don’t work out).

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