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Americans spend a large majority of our time at work, which mean it’s crucial that we at least like, if not love, what we do. Actually, loving your career not only causes you less stress, but it gives you a sense of pride and fulfillment knowing that you’re doing what you love. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone.

A lot of people are in the wrong career and, thus, hate their jobs. If you’ve been experiencing a host of negative feelings about your current career, there’s a great possibility that you’re in need of a permanent change. Check out this list of signs to determine if it’s time for you to finally make that move.

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You Constantly Complain About Your Job

If you really loved your job you wouldn’t have a need to complain, so if complaining about your career is all you seem to do these days, that’s definitely a red flag.

Instead of spending your time complaining about your job, ask yourself why you feel so negatively about it in the first place. Then ask yourself if you want to continue to be this way until you retire. Don’t continue to complain if you don’t plan to do something about it.


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You’re Not Being Challenged Enough

An ideal career checks practically every box for you and one of those boxes includes being challenged. Your job should challenge you in a variety of ways to encourage you to be better and tap into other talents. If it’s not doing that then it’s time to move on.

Additionally, if you find yourself spending your time at work doing everything but actually working, then you’re not only wasting your time, but the company’s as well.

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Your Strengths/Talents Are Being Wasted

When you first embark upon your career it’s common to have an idealistic image that everyday will be this amazing showcase for your considerable talents and strengths. However, when you realize that’s not happening, it may be because you chose the wrong career path.

Your talents and strengths are what makes you special and sets you apart, it also fuels you to give your all to your job everyday. Find a career that makes you constantly bring your A game.

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You Work Hard, But Don’t See A Payoff

If you’re working your butt off and giving everything you have to your job, at the very least you expect to see some type of payoff in the end. Unfortunately, when you’re in the wrong career, such rewards may never come.

No one wants to continuously slave away at a job and not reap the benefits, so it’s best to say goodbye and find a career that’s beneficial in a variety of ways.

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You Regularly Fantasize About Quitting

It’s normal to occasionally daydream while you’re at work, but if your daydreams always consist of you fantasizing about quitting your job then there’s a big problem.

Your fantasies are pretty much giving you the answer you need regarding your career…you need to just quit. Just remember to never quit one job before you have another securely lined up, especially in this unpredictable climate.


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You Find Any Reason To Skip Work

If you jump at the chance to be anywhere else but work, chances are it’s because you really don’t want to be there at all. Skipping work hurts you financially and doesn’t get to the root of the problem, that you need to change careers.

Instead of skipping work, use your lunch break or free time to research careers that you are interested in. By using your time this way you ensure that you’re getting paid while you make plans for your future.

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Your Work Quality Has Diminished

Being unfulfilled at work can reveal itself in various ways, one of those being the quality of your work diminishing. This not only looks bad on you, but it could also impact your chances of recommendations should you finally decide to change careers.

As hard as it may be, try to do your job to the best of your ability until you actually secure another position. You don’t want to run the risk of being fired for poor work quality when you’re already fed up with your job to begin with.

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Your Body Is Letting You Know

The human body has a remarkable way of letting you know when something isn’t right. If you are physically feeling the effects of stress due to your job, you really need to make a change.

Chronic pain, stress, mood swings, etc. are all symptoms of letting your job overwhelm you to the point of health issues. You need to understand that your health comes first and ditch your unfulfilling career once and for all.

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You Know You’d Be Better At Something Else

The gift of intuition and listening to your inner voice is something that we all are blessed with, but sometimes we neglect to utilize. If you know in your heart that you would be much better in another career, you need to do something about it before it’s too late.

It’s bad enough that we have to work the majority of our lives, the least you can do is make sure that during the time you do work it’s in a career you enjoy. Things won’t change unless you make the first step.

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You Keep An Updated Copy Of Your Resumé

Keeping an updated copy of your resumé handy is really all the confirmation you need that you’re in the wrong career. If your career was truly your dream come true, you would have no need to even look at your resumé, much less keep it updated.

Use your current resumé to apply for jobs within the career field you really want to be in, and hopefully you’ll get lucky enough to finally land your dream job.

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