Signs You’re The Judgmental Friend

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There’s a big difference between giving constructive criticism and just being downright judgmental. Judgmental individuals don’t really want to help the people they judge—they just want to send their negative opinion out into the atmosphere, make others feel bad, and go on about their day. Maybe they aren’t happy in their lives. Maybe they’re just bored. Maybe they don’t even realize they do it, but they’ve just been doing it for so long that they know no other way to live. Whatever the reason, we all have that judgmental friend—that friend who, when we talk about her with other people, we say, “Please don’t mention this to her” because we don’t want the criticism. Why do we keep these friends around? Perhaps we feel bad for them, or they have other really great qualities that cancel out the big negative one. If you can’t think of who your judgmental friend is, it might be you…Here are signs you’re the judgmental friend.


Friends don’t ask for your opinion

If you think about it, you realize that nobody ever asks for your opinion. It could be because you give it, whether or not it’s asked for, so nobody ever even gets the chance to ask for it. And they get it so much, that they don’t want it anymore.

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