Plan B: What Men Don’t Understand

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If you are a woman who has ever heard the words, “It’s no big deal just take Plan B,” then you know just how clueless men are about this pill. If you’re a man who has ever told someone to “just” take Plan B, then you’re about to be schooled. It’s quite upsetting how lightly men take Plan B (especially since they aren’t, you know, the ones actually taking it). Maybe it’s the marketing that’s to blame—plan B does sound rather easy and light. So, for the record, it’s technical, medical name is Levonorgestrel. That sounds a bit more serious, right? Maybe that’s what 2men should be forced to call it since this pill is serious. I’ve taken Plan B and most of my friends have, but that’s not to say we are happy about that fact, or would do it again without hesitation. Here are things men don’t understand about Plan B.

plan b after pill

It should be Plan Z

It shouldn’t be called Plan B but rather Plan Z. Why? Because it should be our absolute last resort. Birth control pills, condoms, spermicide, and intrauterine devices should all come way, way before Plan B.

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So no, it’s not casual

So, men, please don’t talk about the Plan B pill as if it’s a standard form of birth control. It’s not. This is not a regular contraceptive. It’s an emergency one to be taken for emergencies. Not “feeling like using a condom” is not an emergency. Put on the condom.

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We don’t keep them around

We do not just keep Plan B around. We can’t get it in bulk. We don’t just have it in a medicine cabinet for when things go sideways. Getting it is a whole ordeal that involves waiting in line and explaining to a stranger that you made a mistake.

plan b after pill the pill

Men can buy it

Yup, fellas, you can buy it, too. So if you’d like your partner to take it, then you can be the one who drives to the store, waits in line, and deals with the embarrassing stares when you ask for it.

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At least go with your partner

At the very least, if your partner needs to take Plan B, you should go with her. It could be good for you to see what she experiences when purchasing this pill. It will make you think twice before casually suggesting she go pick it up.

plan b after pill money

It’s expensive

Plan B is typically around $50. Hmm…how many condoms could you buy for that? It probably would have been more cost-effective to just use a rubber.

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Buying it is embarrassing

Buying it is embarrassing. It doesn’t have to be nor should it be, but naturally nobody likes to have total strangers hear their personal business. When you announce to your pharmacist that you need Plan B, everyone else in line looks at you like you’re irresponsible.

plan b after pill

Some pharmacists are judgmental

Even some pharmacists can be very judgmental when it comes to giving out Plan B. In fact, it’s up to the discretion of a pharmacist in many cases to deny a teenager Plan B.

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It’s hard on our bodies

Side effects can include nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. As someone who has taken Plan B, I can tell you that I felt terrible afterward for a couple of days.

plan b after pill protection

It can delay periods

Plan B messes with our periods. It either makes a period late, making us believe the pill didn’t work and that we’re pregnant (which causes an anxiety attack) or it makes our periods come early. Neither event is fun.

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It makes our periods worse

Plan B makes periods heavier, longer, and often more painful. We really do put our bodies through a lot when we take this pill.

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It is not an abortion pill

Plan B is not an abortion pill. Plan B prevents or delays ovulation but it does not eliminate the life of anything.

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It also works in these ways

There are two other ways Plan B can work: it can stop an egg from being fertilized or stop a fertilized egg from planting in the uterine lining. All of this depends on when the pill is taken.

plan b after pill a pill

“Morning after” is misleading

The sooner the pill is taken, the better. So no, your partner doesn’t want to get a leisurely brunch and then pick up the pill. She needs it ASAP.

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It has emotional effects, too

Taking Plan B can have tremendous emotional side effects. We can feel like we’ve let our bodies down by taking it. We can feel like failures. We can feel guilty for interfering with biology. There’s nothing casual about taking Plan B so men, please stop treating it as such.

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