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When a person is vulnerable enough to allow you into their lives, they certainly don’t expect to be met with a barrage of judgement. Judgmental people simply can’t help themselves from loudly voicing their opinions– which tend to be negative — about other’s choices. But this behavior is a fast way to ensure that your friends and family decide not to share aspects of their life with you, essentially alienating you due to your harsh critiques.

The bottom line is none of us are perfect, so leading every statement and move with a judgmental spirit is the opposite of accepting people for who they are. Not exactly sure if you’re the judgmental type? Here are more than a few ways to tell.

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You’re Intolerant Of People Who Are Different From You

Celebrating the differences of others is what makes the world go ’round, while acknowledging that different doesn’t mean less than or inferior. However, when you’re a judgemental person you believe just the opposite. You get upset or hostile with those who have outer or inner differences from you and you voice your displeasure in the most judgemental way possible.

Being different doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or belittle someone, instead you should appreciate that sometimes differences can actually bring people together. Try to open your mind to those who are the opposite of you and you might be surprised at the new friends you make and things you can learn.


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You Always Focus On The Flaws Of Others

This is such juvenile behavior that it’s ridiculous that adults are some of its biggest offenders. Only pointing out the flaws or imperfections of others is not only superficial, but it also highlights your own insecurities because you’re projecting them onto someone else.

The truth is, we all have flaws because none of us are perfect and on an even better note, what you see as flaws the next person could see the opposite. The next time you think of highlighting someone’s flaws stop yourself and survey your own flaws and if you’d want someone to point yours out all the time.

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You Have Pessimistic Outlook

Both negativity and positivity are contagious, as we feed off the energy presented by others. Judgemental people often have a pessimistic outlook on life that they often disguise as being “real.” Well just because you think you’re keeping it real, that doesn’t necessarily exclude your from being a pessimistic either.

Leading with positivity goes a long way. You’d be surprised how your life can change for the better if you start to see the good in things initially instead of the bad.

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You Don’t Leave Room For Anyone’s Mistakes

We all make mistakes, it’s part of life. The mistakes we make in life are meant to teach us lessons we can learn from, so what makes you think that anyone who makes a mistake is inferior to you?

Even as a judgemental person, surely you have made more than your fair share of mistakes throughout the course of your lifetime, so knock it off with the unnecessary judgement and ridicule. You’re not done making mistakes and neither is the next person, it’s what makes us human.

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You’re Very Superficial

Living your life only on a surface level is an incredibly sad way to be. Being a superficial person highlights that you either don’t have anything beneath your surface at all or you’re afraid to show what you do have.

In regards to being superficial and being judgemental, the two often go hand-in-hand because you immediately judge others for their outward appearance and if it doesn’t meet your standards then you unleash your venomous judgement. There is so much more to a person than what’s on the outside, think about that before you attempt to judge next time.


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You Think Everyone Is Beneath You

Having a superiority complex and inhabiting the belief that you are better than everyone around you is a guaranteed way to find yourself with no friends and even family members who don’t want to surround themselves with your overinflated ego.

Don’t confuse thinking everyone is beneath you with high self-esteem. One behavior is extremely toxic and can be hurtful, while the other is positive and healthy. Usually people who act this way are using it as a cover to hide how the really feel about themselves.

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You Automatically Assume Everyone Is Lying

Honestly, with the amount and ease that lies roll off the tongue, it’s perfectly understandable to be naturally distrusting or at the very least hesitant to believe what others say. However, at some point you have to let your guard down and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Judgemental people always think everyone is lying because the way they view others won’t allow them to see things in a positive, or in this case truthful, light. Try to put yourself in others shoes and think about how you’d feel if you were thought to be lying about everything in your life.

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You Have Low Self-Esteem

One of the main reasons why someone is judgemental is because of the low self-esteem they have. They project the harsh judgement of those around them as a mask to cover the deeper issue of how they actually feel about themselves.

Low self-esteem takes time to happen and it also takes time to overcome. Talking with a professional to help you get to root of why your self-esteem is so low is the first step to changing your judgemental behavior for good.

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You Don’t Have A Gray Area, Things Are Either ‘Good’ Or ‘Bad’

When you lead with judgement you only view things as either black or white with no middle ground in sight, but that’s simply not how life works. Often, the gray area of life is where the true understanding and enlightenment of things lie. Since you block out the gray area, this means that if people don’t fit into these two categories they face being judged by you.

The thing is, you don’t have to understand or agree with something in order to refrain from casting judgement. Nothing about life is black or white, in fact it’s the complex gray areas where the best things are found.

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You’re Quick To Jump To Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is bound to blow up in your face at some point in life, especially if you’re so judgemental that you simply can’t stop yourself from doing it. When you frequently jump to conclusions you end up looking like a person who takes what’s on the surface at face value, which is totally the wrong way to be.

Let situations and their revelations unfold naturally instead of jumping to a myriad of conclusions in your head that your judgemental nature has led you to believe.

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