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Living off the grid sounds appealing to a lot of individuals. Maybe you’ve had one of those moments when you realize just how reliant you are on modern technology to survive, it terrified you, and you want to change that. Maybe the noise pollution of a city is starting to affect your mental health. And, if you’re like the heroine in the book “Wild,” maybe you’re just going through some stuff that’s making you want to, as men would put it, test your nuts. There’s also something rather romantic about living off of the grid. So many films and books have made the whole experience seem very beautiful—even the parts that were difficult were still poetic in a way. So it’s normal for couples who are very in love to take the idea of, “Let’s run away together” to “Let’s live off the grid together.” And while living off the grid is not only better with a companion, but also almost essential for survival, doing it with your romantic partner comes with its own challenges. Here’s what it’s like living off the grid with your partner.

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Your whole day will be your home

Your entire day will be dedicated to your home—to your survival, your shelter, your food, and your basic needs. When you live in a sustainable home that doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, you will spend every waking hour just keeping the systems going that allow you to cook a meal or take a bath. Living off the grid is simple but it isn’t easy.

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Vanity goes

Say goodbye to vanity. Just let that go right out the window. You will have absolutely no desire to even brush a mascara wand over your lashes when you have to literally sit in dirt to pick food every day and sweat half of your body weight out keeping your off-the-grid home going.

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Your idea of hygiene changes

If you can bathe once a day, that’s glorious. In fact, retrieving enough water to do so every day will be one of your big tasks. So, beyond that, you may not be too concerned with pore-minimizing masks and leg-shaving.

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You may be lonely

You can find some off-the-grid communities where you’ll have neighbors. But these will be small, and your neighbors will be busy working on their home, and cultivating meals all day. You will also be busy doing that. Your social life will mostly be you and your partner, so make sure you’re ready for that.

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You will show your ugly sides

You will never be more frustrated, afraid, or impatient as you are when living off the grid. All of the modern comforts that usually keep your baser sides hidden will be gone. You will show your partner your uglier sides. You will have several emotional and mental breakdowns.

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You will discover your strongest sides

Out of your breakdowns will come your strongest sides. When you’re done literally lying on the ground crying, you will realize that you still need to live. Nobody will collect the water or the food or work on the generator but you. You will dig deep inside of yourself for a hidden strength because you don’t have a choice.

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You’ll question your identity

Your identity may have been tied up in your social life, your standing in society, and your career. Where are those now? Miles away. The trees and the elements don’t give a sh*t about those. You will be faced with the terrifying question, “Who am I?” every day. Because you obviously are not your pantsuit and your laptop. Those are nowhere to be found.

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You’ll question your bond

When you question your individual identity, you’ll naturally question your bond with your partner. Part of your connection was based on those modern facades you created back in the city. But just how much of your connection is based on those? You’ll find out off the grid.

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You’ll strengthen your bond

If you realize that your bond goes beyond the costumes you wore in the city—beyond your social status or money or careers—then you’ll strengthen your bond to a place that’s almost unbreakable.

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You’ll want to quit

You will want to quit several times. That’s a promise. You will want to throw in the towel and go back to the city. You will give up—or come very close.

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You’ll stop the other from quitting

But then, you’ll have to stop your partner from giving up. Your own notions of quitting will leave when you realize your partner also wants to quit, and that scares you—he was supposed to be your rock. So now you have to be his. You will stop each other from quitting several times.

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It’ll prepare you for anything

When you return back to modern comforts, you’ll feel like you can handle anything. You will stop living in fear of…losing money…losing status…losing strength. You know you can live without the first two things, and you know you have a limitless amount of the latter.

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It will make gratitude skyrocket

You will never complain about bad water pressure again or a microwave that needs an extra minute for pasta. The simple presence of these things is a luxury compared to your off the grid life.

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Past fights will seem futile

Whatever you used to fight about—jealousy, career competition—it will go away. It will all seem so stupid compared to what you handled off the grid. You won’t give it the time of day.

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You’ll edit your friend group

You’ll really reconsider your friend group. Your values will change, and you won’t want to be around people who value superficial things or money or status. And, when you live off the grid, you’ll realize there are some friends you don’t want visiting—they won’t be helpful, or appreciate your lifestyle.

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