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How do you “love” someone who has spent the majority of the time that you’ve known them, lying?

If you ask me, it’s impossible. But if you watched this week’s episode of Married at First Sight, then you know that is Tristan Thompson‘s story, and he’s sticking to it.

As has played out throughout the last few episodes, we know that his wife, Mia Bally, just a few days after marrying him, was detained while trying to board their flight to Mexico for their honeymoon. There was a warrant for her arrest based on evidence obtained by police in Louisiana who could prove the Dallas resident had been harassing her ex-boyfriend. When she was released, Mia played innocent of the allegations brought against her, even going as far to say she barely knew the accuser and that it was all a mix-up. But as was revealed on Tuesday night, she admitted that she had been in a relationship with her accuser and lied about it. Why? She was supposedly embarrassed that she rebounded with another guy and “didn’t want to talk about it.”

Through a turned up face and fake tears, Mia didn’t explain the stalking behavior, which she needed to. According to the police report, she kept popping up at her ex’s home and work, and sending him messages that dated back to January of this year — a few months before she married Tristan and was arrested. Instead, she focused on the fact that her record was clean beforehand and that she was scared and paranoid, so she lied. And lied. And kept lying.

Despite all of that, Tristan told Pastor Cal and the experts that he wanted to “move forward” in truth. And if that weren’t enough, he said that she told him she was “falling in love” with him, and in turn, he said he loved her too. When asked if he wanted to stay with her, he emphatically said, “Heck yes!”

Now, if you’re wondering how they got to this point so quickly, you should know that the couple said they formed “a deep connection” based on all they’d been through (or that she put him through — however you want to look at it). And they formed another connection, a sexual one, that was revealed when they were confronted by the experts. She got him, y’all.

And I say “she got him” because, just days prior, on their wedding day, you couldn’t even get Mia to kiss that man. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to tongue down a stranger in front of your family, however, she wouldn’t even kiss his cheek. She literally told cameras that she wouldn’t do it because “I don’t know what he has.”

Jail time and a few lies later, she not only is fine with sexual intercourse, but she also is dropping the L-word. How convenient.

I honestly believe that Mia is getting all gushy with a man with whom she was just having conversations about sleeping in separate beds with because she wanted to keep him around. There is no bigger red flag than being accused of being a stalker, and if the tables had been turned, we all know that Mia would have run for the hills with annulment papers if Tristan was accused of that behavior. The assumption is that men who stalk women will turn violent, so what do women who allegedly stalk men eventually do? Get manipulative.

They say “I love you” fast as hell and get clingy.

They call their lies going into “self-preservation mode.”

They use the mess they created to say it’s fostered “unconditional love” and brought them closer to their new partner.

They rub their face a million times to make you believe they are an emotional, crying wreck.

They don’t admit their past behavior was problematic and prefer to deflect.

But Tristan really wants to make this work. That’s why he was in tears over the idea of her being emotionally distraught over her decisions. That’s why he said that “I do love her” and could only “hope” she had put it all out there and told the complete truth. He, like many people who do the show, clearly felt a pressure to see the relationship as far as it can go because they are truly married, and were put together by “the experts.”

But how can you move forward with someone who has spent so much of the little time you’ve had together, lying? It is hard enough trying to create a bond with a stranger. It can’t get any worse than trying to do that while dealing with a master manipulator, too.

I wasn’t the only one thrown off by Tristan’s decision and Mia’s theatrics. Check out how the #MAFS Twitter family reacted to it all:


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