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Travel does nothing but good things for couples. Travel has a way of revealing a person’s true colors. It tests your patience. It shows your ability to adapt to new environments, to compromise, and to accept new cultural norms and get along with new people in a heartbeat. If you think about it, doesn’t life do that, too? So if you can be happy with someone when you travel—when you’re in this hyper focused version of life that puts your most important traits to work—then you can probably be happy together all of the time. Do some couples break up after traveling together? Absolutely. And I still stand by what I said: travel does good things for couples. Those couples learned a very valuable piece of information—that they aren’t compatible! As for other couples, travel only makes them stronger. Here are 15 types of trips you should take as a couple. driving in a car

An American road trip

I think in this tense time, anyone who has the means to take a road trip of this country could benefit from it. We all have a lot of ideas about what people in this or that place are like—how they behave, what they feel, and more—but we don’t really know. We only know caricatures and the most extreme versions we see on social media. Get up close and personal with this country, with your partner. It could really be enlightening. enjoying some time together looking at pictures

The barely-seen family

Your partner—or you—probably has family who you haven’t seen for way too long. Maybe they live in a remote area that’s hard to get to. Or, maybe you just never felt that you had much in common with them. But they have a piece of you and you have a piece of them. Bringing your partner along could make this important visit a lot more fun, and teach him more about your heritage. camping

A remote camping trip

When you camp, you need to set up a tent, make a fire, use the bathroom in the woods, and do a lot of things you probably aren’t used to doing. But somehow, if you can come out of it unscratched and even manage to have a good time, you feel stronger for it. couple taking a break from hiking backpacking

A backpacking trip

Backpacking trips are a great way to see how resourceful you and your partner can be when you put your minds together. The trek isn’t as seamless, clean, or organized as it is when you’re taking planes and renting cars. You have to roll with the punches and rely on the kindness of strangers a lot. It’s interesting to see how you weather those circumstances together. from the train journey between Kandy and Ella in Sri Lanka

A train trip

Train trips are so wonderfully romantic. When you’re on a vessel speeding across the country, you get an up close look at the towns and landscape, but you also feel sort of suspended in time. And there’s nothing like an old-fashioned train dining car. woman relaxes in her house, eyes closed in prayer, deep thought, or meditation. A healthy part of living with mindfulness.

A meditation retreat

Meditation is great for the individual and couples. There are even some meditation retreats designed for couples. These can be a great way to refocus on the things that matter to you, and not be distracted by the things that don’t. eating food on the street

A foodie trip

Food brings people together, and there are few things more fun than a foodie trip. Pick an area where the cuisine interests you, and visit all of the best spots, trying the most unique and local fare. We actually bond with people when we experience new things—like flavors—with them. watching television on sofa

Recreate your favorite film or book

Pick a film or book you love and recreate the main character’s journey. Visit the restaurants, museums, bars, parks—whatever they went to—and try to do the same things they did there. African American couple piggybacking in the park and enjoying in time together.

Visit a family historical place

Is there a place that holds special significance in your family? Maybe the first home your ancestors bought when they immigrated to this country? Or, the place where your great, great grandparents got married? Visit these places with your partner. with $20 Bills cash money— Image by � Tom Grill/Corbis

A super duper cheap trip

It can’t hurt to see how you two handle finances together when you’re on a very tight budget. See how creative you can get when you only have $30 a day to eat. If you can have a great time together under those restraints, you’ll always be happy together. photo of a smiling short hair woman using mobile phone at the park

A no phone, no computer trip

We could all benefit from unplugging a bit. Have you noticed that, the times you and your partner have gotten into some of the best conversations—the ones that helped you bond deeply and understand each other more—have been the times you didn’t touch a phone or laptop for a couple of hours? So go somewhere remote with no Wifi, and leave your devices at home. in a bra

A nudist resort

Alright this one may not be for everyone, but nudist colonies certainly have their benefits for individuals and could have them for couples. Hey, any time you leave your comfort zone with your partner, you’re growing. mid adult father stands on his front porch with his preteen son. He gestures and frowns as they talk and lean against the railing.

A visit to your childhood spots

Take your honey on a tour of your childhood spots—the places where you had your….first kiss, first car accident, first drink of alcohol, first huge fight with your mom. It’s very special to share these formative places with your significant other. traveling Affectionate young couple on airplane

One place neither of you knows anyone

Visit a place where neither of you know anyone, anything, or any place. Go somewhere where the customs are vastly different from your own. Push yourselves to find your way around and make friends in this very foreign environment. daughter family

A trip with both your families

Get both of your families together for a trip. It’s okay if you don’t think they’re that compatible. It’s okay if they have different tastes in activities and destinations. This isn’t about everyone having a dream vacation: it’s about them getting to know each other.

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