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Guilt is a rather useless emotion. If you feel guilt, it’s either because you did something wrong and you know it, so you should be out there rectifying the problem rather than sitting around and feeling guilty about it or it’s because you’ve been conditioned to feel bad about certain things, that really aren’t bad. Either way, if you’re feeling guilty, you’re wasting time, one way or the other. It’s not like emotions such as grief, which require time to get through, or joy, which you should revel in a bit. Guilt isn’t necessary. It isn’t productive. And it often isn’t even appropriate. We’ve just been taught to be pleasers, givers, nurturers, appeasers, and people who always say yes. So when we do anything that goes against those teachings, we feel bad. Well, maybe our teachers only taught us those things out of their own, useless, and inappropriate guilt. Here are things you should never feel guilty about.


Going to bed early

You know those people who proudly state that they only sleep five hours a night and how it’s all a part of their five-year plan? Well, their five-year plan is going to fall apart when they develop health issues due to sleep-deprivation. Sleep is really good for you. It helps your synapses fire at higher levels and helps you just perform better at everything you do. So don’t feel like you’re slacking off for going to bed early; you’re the responsible and ambitious one.

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