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Have you ever noticed that when couples have been together for a long time, and are very close, they sort of start to act like one another? And maybe even look like one another? Their styles start to congeal, the language they use begins to mimic one another’s, and even their mannerisms look quite similar. Since we know that to be true, then it isn’t a far leap to say that, when a man and woman are together for a long time, the woman may become a little more masculine and the man may become a little more, well, feminine. It’s only natural we see dads walking around carrying babies in front-facing slings, looking like mama Koala bears. When they’re close to their partners, it seems normal to do the things their partners do. On that note, here are embarrassing things a man will do if he really loves you.

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Walk your dog in her pink sweater

You love Fluffy and, as such, your partner loves Fluffy. You also insist Fluffy wears that super cute pink, faux-fur-lined puffy vest when it’s cold out. And since your partner loves you, he sometimes walk Fluffy for you. While she’s in that very pink, very puffy vest. Did I mention it has her name bedazzled onto the back?


Pick up your birth control

Hey, you take that stuff for him. So a really loving partner will proudly walk up to the pharmacist and announce in not-so-hushed tones that he’s picking up your Cyclafem or diaphragm.

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Pick up tampons for you

Really quality partners understand that, if they get to enjoy your vagina when you’re not on your period, they should help you take care of it during the less-than-pleasant times of the month. And they pick up tampons for you.

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Buy laxatives for you

Laxatives, Pepto Bismol, Miralax—whatever it is your tummy needs, your partner will pick it up for you, while you’re at home, suffering in the bathroom.

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Go to that “chick flick” for you

When you just can’t find anyone else to attend the new Fifty Shades installment with you, you’re dying to see it, and hate going to the movies alone, your partner will go with you.

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Promote your book/album/event/art

A great partner will be proud of the work you put into something—regardless if that something is particularly his taste or favorite thing. And he’ll tell people about it, and brag about you.

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Hold your purse

For goodness sake holding a purse is not a big deal. A great partner will hold your purse so that you can try on shoes and take a selfie with them on to post to Instagram.

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Take your pup to the groomer’s

Since your boo loves Fluffy he also doesn’t mind taking her to the groomer. He doesn’t mind relaying your specific instructions to the groomer about the Teddy Bear trim you want around Fluffy’s face and the hypoallergenic nail polish you’d like on her nails.

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Ask his friends to be quiet

If you live with your partner, and he has friends over on a night you’re not feeling well or could just really need some rest, he’ll tell them to keep it down for you. He won’t mind acting like a mom if it means helping you feel better.

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Be overtly lovey-dovey in public

When a man really loves you, he never worries about how that love looks to outsiders. He just wants to be affectionate with you, and tell you how much he loves you, regardless of who is watching or listening.


Tell you he needs you/needs comforting

When your guy feels totally safe and at home with you, he’ll call you from the other room, using a baby voice (not unlike the one he uses with Fluffy) and say he needs some comforting when he’s sick/upset.


Wear that metrosexual thing you bought him

The jeans that are too tight for his liking, the raincoat that has a bit too much flair for his taste…he’ll wear it because you got it for him.

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Let you blast Lady Gaga when you need it

When you have just had a rough day and need to blast Lady Gaga and dance around your apartment, your partner pulls up Pandora for you. And he doesn’t care that the rather macho neighbor lifting weights hears it. Satay; barbecued skewered chicken shown on white plate with peanut dipping sauce on the side.

Tell his friend about your food allergies

When his friends host the two of you for dinner, he doesn’t mind gently telling his friend that you can’t eat certain foods. He doesn’t care if it makes him or you look high maintenance: he just wants you to enjoy yourself.

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Go shopping with you

And finally, yes, a guy who adores you will go shopping with you when you can’t find anyone else to go. In fact, he adores you so much he thinks it’s fun watching the most beautiful woman in the world try on different outfits.

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