Stigmas About Childless Women That Need To Die

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Since the beginning of time and up until about the turn of this century, women have been expected to have children. Not only has childbirth been expected of them, but it’s also been considered perhaps their main purpose on this planet. Never mind that some women have cured infectious diseases and discovered new land. Nope—reproducing one more little oxygen-sucking, resource-consuming being would have been a greater contribution to humankind at large, naturally. Fortunately, in recent years, it’s become less-okay to accuse a woman of being evil or even useless for not having kids. But just because people cannot (well, some still do) outright state their disapproval of childless women doesn’t mean they don’t absolutely still show it in other ways. And it definitely doesn’t mean they don’t think certain things about women who choose not to reproduce. Here are stigmas about childless women that need to stop.

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They cannot nurture

Many women who don’t have children are tremendously nurturing to everyone in their life. In fact, you could say they are some of the most nurturing people because when they do nurture someone, it isn’t because they’re obligated by blood—it’s out of the kindness of their hearts.

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