Simone Biles And 9 Other Black Women Who Didn’t Have Time For People Commenting On Their Hair

December 12, 2017  |  
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We told you that Simone Biles had the awesome opportunity to dance with the Houston Texans cheerleading squad this past weekend after saying back in 2015 that in her next life she was going to be an NFL cheerleader. It was an experience she was excited to have and worked hard to perfect before stepping on the field on Sunday. But per the usual, people tried to put a damper on the moment by, you guessed it, pointing out issues with her hair.

After a practice in preparation for Sunday’s game, Biles shared a photo of herself, pom-poms in hand, smile on her face:

It didn’t take long for people to ask the 20-year-old Olympic gold medalist what was going on with her mane:

She took the initial comments in stride, saying that her hair was all over the place after actively practicing for four hours with her hair in a bun. That wasn’t enough though:

But thankfully, there were people who pointed out how ridiculous the emphasis on her hair, while accomplishing an important goal for herself, really was:

Eventually, Biles went from nice to clapback mode on Twitter and let people know no one is perfect all of the time, so they needed to get over themselves:

Unfortunately though, Biles isn’t the first woman of color to have to deal with unwanted comments about her hair and respond classy (and sometimes funny). Check out 9 other Black women who didn’t have time to worry about what other people thought about their hair, but did have the time to set folks straight about it.

Marsai Martin

The 13-year-old Blackish star had the best response to someone who told her that she needed to slick down her edges.


Who could forget when Zendaya Coleman had to give a classy check to Fashion Police‘s Giuliana Rancic? The entertainment reporter and former E! News co-host tried to say that the faux locs Coleman wore to the 2015 Oscars gave her “weed” and “patchouli” vibes.

Gabby Douglas

When Twitter users spent a good chunk of the 2012 Olympics calling out Gabby Douglas’s bun while she was winning back-to-back gold medals, she had to ask people why they were focused on something so petty.

“I don’t know where this is coming from. What’s wrong with my hair?” she said. “I’m like, ‘I just made history and people are focused on my hair?’ It can be bald or short, it doesn’t matter about (my) hair.”

Duckie Thot

The stunning model had some words for people who had negative things to say about her natural hair, which she wore out for a shoot. One of those people included fellow model Winnie Harlow.


Kiersey Clemons

When the Dope actress posted a picture of herself with actress Toni Collette and proudly showed off her armpit hair, multiple commenters and sites (see above) were less than kind. But she had the time. When one person asked her “Why didn’t you shave,” she responded by saying, “Same reason you in my comments and not focused on your life. Just Lazy u feel me.”

Aisha Tyler

The former The Talk co-host caught flack for a topknot that people on social media weren’t feeling. She actually took the time to address those people on the show, with the support of her co-hosts, who all wore topknots in solidarity.

“It is a silly topic, but it is representative of another problem in our culture, where we’re just mean, mean, mean, ripping each other apart all the time,” she said. “That’s at the center of this — this culture of cruelty. Realize that there’s somebody at the other end of these comments that can hear this and can feel this stuff.”

Tamar Braxton

After giving birth to son Logan and going through hair changes, Braxton was filmed on Braxton Family Values with severely damaged edges. People had a lot to say about it, including her former nemesis K. Michelle. But Braxton took the high road and decided to educate her haters.

“When u HAVE your baby …(my son) your hair falls out!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Thanks to @simplicityhairoil for my hairline coming back! But if it didn’t work I would BUY me some. Glad you all get to see the changes while #bfv & #T&V on T.V.”


Back in 2012, Solange was looked at as the representative of all things natural and people held her to high standards when she stepped out of the house. The A Seat at the Table singer made it clear that people needed to relax about her hair, because she isn’t and would never be that pressed about it.

“I’ve never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don’t know the lingo and I don’t sleep with a satin cap,” she said. “However, I did noticed when I picked out my hair, I kept seeing feedback about needing a “twist out”. Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs. Correction, I hate the way they look on me. SO i end up always picking them/steaming them out. Look, all i’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me….so i don’t encourage it to be important to you.”

Maxine Waters

Earlier this year, a now unemployed Bill O’Reilly tried it when he criticized Maxine Waters for speaking against the president on the House floor. As he said, “I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig…I didn’t say she wasn’t attractive… I love James Brown, but it’s the same hair.”

Waters, known for reclaiming her time effortlessly, couldn’t care less about the hair comment. She said Reilly, Trump and no one else could stop her from speaking the truth.

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