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Sexual education doesn’t have to stop in middle school. There are individuals highly educated in the areas of all things sex offering workshops for adults. They are sex professionals, if you will (no, not that kind). Sex workshops aren’t only for the kinky, wild, and bondage-savvy. In fact, many people attend sex workshops specifically because they feel their sex life is in desperate need of some spicing up. A gift certificate for a session can be a great anniversary gift to your special somebody, or to an open-minded couple celebrating an engagement. The real shame is that so many people are too shy about attending sex workshops, even though they’re quite curious about them. So we’ll get you a bit more primed to the idea and give you an inside peek. Here’s what you can expect from a sex workshop.


There might be human subjects

Depending on the state in which you live and its respective laws, there may be human subjects in the class. In other words, you might watch real people act out the techniques you’re learning.

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The human subjects are very patient

What I mean by that is that you’ll be amazed by how many times the female subject can practice the technique you’re learning on the male subject before he, well, ya know. But he’s well-practiced in waiting to finish until the class has learned what they came there to learn.


It’s surprisingly technical

A sex workshop isn’t meant to arouse you in the moment. Don’t expect your teacher to speak sexy and get into this like an adult film star. She’ll speak in a professional tone and use technical terms, just like a professor.

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Your teacher may not be sexy

Do only sexy people have sex? No way. People from all walks of life are really into kinky stuff. So if you were hoping for stripper-material out of your teacher, you may be disappointed. But you should look past it, because your teacher is awesome and highly educated on some unique topics.

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People take notes

Just like in a regular classroom, people whip out their notebooks and take notes. How else are you going to remember that trick they taught you regarding your tongue and an ice cube?

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Most people are newbies

Don’t worry about being the one new kid in class. Most people at sex classes are there for the first time and just as shy and wide-eyed as you are.


You may touch your classmates

Not in an x-rated manner. But if it’s the type of class you attend with your real-life sexual partner, the teacher may ask you to just touch at various non-sexual parts of his body (his neck, ears, chest) to give you practice on some techniques.

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You can find all-women’s classes

If you are most comfortable taking a class with all women, there are plenty of all-women’s classes available.

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It’ll be mostly women either way

For the record, women tend to frequent sex workshops more than men do. We’re a bit more open about our bodies, so we don’t mind going to class and taking notes for our partners who stay at home.

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There will be terms

You’ll learn plenty of new vocabulary. You’ll be amazed at how many sexual terms there are that you never knew of before. A good teacher will stop to define any new terms that you don’t understand.

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There are usually toy demonstrations

Most classes will include some toy demonstrations. You can usually buy the toys after the class if you’re interested.

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No photos

You won’t be allowed to take photos. That is understandable, since the attendees want their privacy, and the teachers don’t want you giving away their tricks.

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There are different types of classes

There are tantric workshops, workshops dedicated to giving oral, workshops dedicated to anal, workshops dedicated to toys and many more. Then there are workshops that touch lightly on each of these topics.

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Women tend to go in groups

Many women attend sex shops in groups as part of a birthday party, bachelorette party, or some other celebration. You may want to grab some pals so you don’t feel alone.

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You’ll go home with homework

Of course, you will! It’s school, after all! You’ll likely also go home with a shopping list of, um, educational tools (toys, lube, and things like that).

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