Why Women Are Obsessed With Height

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If you’re a man, you may have noticed that women often put height requirements on their dating profiles. Men don’t really do that. But, if we can be honest, men aren’t these perfect, non-height-discriminatory beings. A lot of men I know say they prefer being with a woman who is shorter than them. So men shouldn’t jump to calling women evil or picky for preferring tall men. Don’t forget that tall doesn’t even mean the same thing to everyone. For a woman who is just four feet and eleven inches tall, a man who is five feet and nine inches tall is plenty tall. Likewise, a man who is just five feet and seven inches tall might consider a woman who is five feet and nine inches tall “too tall” when really, she’s barely above average height. Screw it: people can like what they like. So we will finally tell you why women are obsessed with height.

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Tall men see our attractive angles

What do we do to get a good selfie? Hold the camera above our heads. Tall men are always viewing us from that angle, so we always look like we have chiseled faces to them.

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We can wear our fiercest heels

There are some pretty incredible shoes out there but if we date a man who is only two inches taller than ourselves, we have to limit ourselves to, like, 40 percent of the shoes out there. This is devastating.


They make us feel dainty

Do I like that society has made it such that women want to appear dainty? No. Can I deny that this is the case though? Also no. And being with a man who is significantly taller makes us feel and appear dainty.

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Even if we aren’t dainty

A seriously tall dude can even make women who aren’t necessarily dainty feel dainty. Women who’ve always been told they were pro basketball material or asked if their parents were Vikings can finally feel petite with a super tall man.


We never lose them in a crowd

You’ll never lose your super tall man in a crowd. Concerts, busy city streets, and crowded airports become much easier to navigate with your super tall man.

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They can reach things

I don’t know who designed some of the apartments out there, but there are cabinets that no average-height person could possibly reach. Rather than buy several stepladders to make use of our storage space, can’t we just have a really tall man?

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They intimidate other men

Men just tend not to mess with really tall men. There won’t be issues like attempted bar brawls or guys cutting you in line. When you have a tall man around, the douchebags of the world tend to back off.

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They turn heads

Tall mean turn heads. They demand attention. They have a presence. Everybody wants to be with the person in the room who is turning heads.


They can do a lot in the bedroom

Just anatomically speaking, tall guys can pull off a lot of acrobatics in the bedroom. No position is off limits.


Our head reaches their chest

There’s something so magically snuggly about having your head just reach your partner’s chest. Then he can rest his chin on the top of your head and it’s the cutest thing ever.

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They can pick us up

Tall men can pick us up and carry us pretty far. This comes in handy when we wore the wrong shoes—sorry, the perfect shoes that happen to cause blisters—for a long night of walking.

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We love wearing their shirts as dresses

You know what makes us feel extra dainty? Putting on our partner’s shirt and having it reach our knees. We’ll just throw a waist belt on that thing and wear it as a dress.

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We reach to hold their hand

There is something too cute about having to reach up to hold your tall man’s hand. Or, you can just reach to the side and grab his hulking bicep. That works too.


They make great big spoons

When a really tall man creates the big spoon, we can fit our entire bodies in the nook of his chest to groin region as the little spoon.


They make our friends jealous

Come on. We like making our friends a little jealous.

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