Holiday Gifts That Take Up Little Or No Room

December 1, 2017  |  
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“Don’t give me any gifts—I don’t have the space for any more things!” is a common thing you hear around the holidays. It’s not like all of your friends and family are hoarders. It’s just that material belongings add up over time. Even the most minimalistic of people who hate to shop still have more things than they want. But you’re not just going to not get the people you love gifts during the holidays! (You know that deep down they still want something from you and will be pretty upset if you respect their wishes for nothing). So what do you get someone who just doesn’t have room for another thing? Or doesn’t want a gift that requires physical space in their home? Here are gifts that take up little to no space.


A class

Whether it’s a salsa dancing class, computer programming class, beer-brewing class, or art class, everybody wishes they had the money to learn something they don’t already know. So buy your friend or family member that class they won’t dare treat themselves to.

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A massage

Even those who aren’t into massages can enjoy a day at the spa. They can get a facial, enjoy the steam room and sauna, soak in the Jacuzzi, or relax in the quiet meditation room and eat the free apples.

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A restaurant gift card

Do your parents always say they love a certain restaurant but can’t bring themselves to pay the high prices? So buy them a dinner for two there. Now they can’t talk themselves out of it.

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A car phone mount

This one might technically take up a little bit of space, but in a way, it clears some space because the driver won’t keep their phone in their glove compartment or on the passenger seat. It also makes it safer for drivers to look at their GPS.

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Naming something

You can name a bench, a star, a building, or a bottle of wine after somebody. Immortality doesn’t take up much room.

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A tablet stand

A tablet stand, like the car phone mount, technically takes up room but it also clears some. Because it juts up and out from your desk, chair, or wherever you mount it, it takes the tablet off of precious surface area.

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A tray table

A tray table can easily be folded up and slid between the couch and the wall when not in use. People who don’t want clutter tend to like these items because it helps them consolidate their food and beverages into one place when they watch TV and dine.

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A donation in their name

Everybody appreciates a donation in their name. Think of certain causes or nonprofit organizations that your friend really cares about, and make a donation in her name to those.

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A cleaning session

A cleaning session doesn’t just give someone the gift of a clean home but it also gives them the gift of time because they don’t need to spend time cleaning. This is a great space-saving gift.

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A plane ticket

When you buy someone a plane ticket, you remove an approximately 130 to 180 pound item from their home—them! And you give them a chance to visit friends and family.



When you get someone an acupuncture recipe, you’re opening up space in their body—literally! Acupuncture can clear blocked nerve passages and alleviate chronic pain.

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A wine or beer club membership

Consumable gifts are always good for people who don’t want many things. If you buy someone a membership to a wine or beer club, they’ll receive their beverage at a reasonable pace, and drink it up before the next shipment arrives.

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An escape room night

Escape rooms make for wonderfully novel date nights or evenings out with friends. They put parts of your brain to work that you often don’t use and make you feel very accomplished.

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A night at the movies

Between the tickets and snacks, a night at the movie for two people can easily cost $50 these days. Many couples won’t buy themselves this treat and they watch Netflix instead, but they do miss the good old movie theater.

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Magnetic organizer

A magnetic organizer—perhaps for mail, photos, or spices—is a smart space-saving gift that helps the recipient organize items they already own, without taking up surface space.

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