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Oh, That’s What It Is? Suge Knight Says Katt Williams Isn’t Crazy – He Has A Short Fuse!

December 15th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Suge PF"

Reggie Collier/

It appears Katt Williams and Suge Knight are now besties. We’ve heard about Katt Williams bugging out almost every week for the last month or so and finally – finally – Suge Knight has stepped up to tell us what the real problem is.

In regards to all his recent problems, Suge says this isn’t Katt’s fault. He told TMZ,  “People test him because he’s small and the best comedian of all time.”

Of. All. Time.

The two were together in Seattle when Katt was arrested for being in a bar fight.  Knight says they were watching the Seattle Seahawks/Chicago Bears football game – rooting for Chicago – and some fans were offended, so to speak.  Allegedly, they started the fight so of course, Katt had to defend himself against the angry Seahawks fans. Knight says people do this all the time – starting trouble with Katt – and he “just don’t take no sh!t.”

By the way, Suge also likened Katt’s problems to those of Mike Tyson and the late Richard Pryor while they were in their glory years saying, “That’s what happens when you’re the best in the business. Sometimes you just have rough times.”

Clearly, Suge had a lot to say and doesn’t appreciate the way Katt has been “portrayed” by the media. But if he’s a real friend, hopefully, he’s trying to get in Katt’s ear as well and tell him he doesn’t have to react to everyone that “bothers” him.

There’s Nothing Sweet At Sweetie Pie’s: The Family and Crew Are At War! Could This Be The End?

November 3rd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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I bet it has something to do with that man pictured above.

According to Variety, tensions are riding high on the set of OWN’s highly successful Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.  While the audience is accustomed to seeing the star of the show, Robbie Montgomery, fuss with her son (and restaurant manager), Tim (that’s the man pictured above), and the rest of the family on a regular basis, they never see what’s happening behind the scenes.

The report says that in October, Tim, the restaurant staff and the production team for Pilgrim Studios allegedly got into a very heated argument.  While the details are sketchy, this apparently hasn’t been the first time the sides have been at war.  The network sent co-president Erik Logan to the set of the show with security in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Variety reports that OWN believes all the anger from Tim stems from his many stresses as a manager, a father and soon-t0-be husband. So basically, he has the same problems as everyone else but he just chooses to lash out? Oh okay.  As someone who’s seen the show and watched Tim lose his cool on everyone, including his mother, for no reason at all, it comes as no surprise they’re having so many issues.  Whether or not they decide to air this on Sweetie Pie’s has not yet been determined.

The arguing is coming from all directions. The family is in such disarray that OWN actually offered them therapy from Iyanla Vanzant whose had a breakout show on OWN, Iyanla, Fix My Life. OWN reps did confirm that cameras filmed the sessions but it is ultimately up to the family if they want any of it to hit the airwaves.

Poor Miss Robbie.  She’s got one of the few successful shows on OWN and it is being jeopardized by what is likely some foolishness.  If her son is indeed a big part of the problem, she needs to make some tough decisions about her son and how he fits into her businesses.

You Mad? 7 Signs That Your Attitude Is Hurting You More Than Others

February 6th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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We’ve all had that moment where we were having a bad day (or week) and lost our marbles on somebody on the train, somebody at work, or sadly, somebody at home (actually, all cases are pretty sad). It might have even been a whole lot of attitude that happened to show up when your mother asked you to do something–I’m sure she set you straight. However, if you lose your marbles with people like this on the regular and that’s the reputation attached to you, then that’s a problem. Nobody likes nor cares for the “angry black woman” stereotype, but rage is real, and you can’t be out on the streets releasing it on any ‘ol body who looks at you cross, steps on your shoe, or happens to wheel into the long a** checkout line at Target with a cart full of mess right as you were trying to get in it with two items. If you don’t get your temper in order, believe me, you’ll be doing more damage to yourself than the people you’re losing your mind over.

Seriously, What’s With All the Overly Aggressive Men in the Club Nowadays?

January 30th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you don’t want to dance, why did you come to the club?

As my friend and I like to make clear to men, it’s not that I don’t want to dance. In fact, I want to dance the night away! Just not with you…

I’d also like to make it clear from jump that I’m not the type of chick you’ll find in the club every weekend, dressed up in the tightest wannabe Herve Leger dress and in heels so high that I can do nothing but two step while I sip my drink. Actually, I’m the type who will wear something bright with lots of jewelry (that will fling off me when I dougie), and will be the tacky chick in the corner trying to take off wedge heels so I can act a fool in the flats I brought with no pain or trouble. After a busy couple of weeks of work, I’ll make my way out, ready to hear some eclectic and popular music and have a good time dancing with my homey-omey (my friend). Should be fun, right?

Or maybe not, because I’ve been noticing a ratchet trend: What’s up with the overly aggressive and thirsty guys in some clubs nowadays trying to low-key assault you when you just came to have a good time? This past Saturday, all in one place, I had a guy try to forcefully turn me around to dance on his lap after I basically ignored his signals to “juke” on him (even though I was dancing with him face to face for like two minutes…), as well as another who kept dancing up behind me though I was standing up straight and not moving. I literally had to step out of the way from his freakiness. I don’t mind dancing on a guy from time to time, especially if he’s hot, but seriously, that can’t be me on every song every time I go out.

Then, I saw another trifling guy harass a woman around the place as she tried to get away from him after he touched her backside twice when they were dancing together. She was so shaken up that it pissed ME off. The same guy got in my friend’s face and yelled at her when she said she didn’t want to dance. When he got too close and a little too aggressive, I pushed him like he stole something. I’m pretty much known not to make the best decisions in heated moments (remember that whole domestic violence situation I jumped in?), but luckily, whether he was drunk or just crazy, the look on my face (and the fact that we were the same height) kept this fool from trying anything else. After that incident, it was clear that it was time to go home before someone caught a black eye and I caught a case (or that black eye).