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Is This Really The End? Lil Wayne Tells Sway ‘Carter V’ Will Be His Last Album

November 24th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Weezy PF"

As the saying goes, I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I think I can hear many of you cheering through the internet as you read the title. is reporting that during a new MTv Special titled MTV First: Lil Wayne, he spoke candidly with host Sway and gave him the real truth on what’s going on with his music and how much longer he’s going to be putting out albums. He told Sway:

“I’ve been rapping since I was eight years old. That’s a long time. I’d like to do so many more things, and when I like to do something, I end up loving to do it real quick. When I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only. Music is sometimes not that it.

“I know ya’ll want me around for a little bit and Carter V is my last album.”

Well, when you look at it like that, Wayne has been rapping for like 20 years and with any other job, you want to retire (no, he didn’t have an album out at age 8 but he’s been hanging with Cash Money since he was about 13).  AHH does report, however, that he also has the I Am Not A Human Being 2 album coming out in February so for all the fans, don’t get too scared because that means you have two more albums coming from Weezy F. Baby.

Something tells me he’ll pull a Jay-Z and be back to music without ever even really leaving.

Do You Know DeWeezy? Lil Wayne Finishes Low-Key, Mega Bucks Project With Mountain Dew

October 24th, 2012 - By Ann Brown
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It seems to be over before it got started.  Back in March, Lil Wayne unveiled a joint campaign he made with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew. It was a multi-million dollar deal called the “DeWeezy Project” that the rapper announced at SXSW. And while the terms of the agreement were not revealed, it was said to be Mountain Dew’s biggest celebrity deal to date, Forbes reported.

Now, Lil Wayne is marking the end of the project with the new commercial for Mountain Dew. That clip is below.

Haven’t heard of the DeWeezy Project? When it was first announced, there seemed to be major plans, such as a possible feature film for Weezy, Forbes stated. It doesn’t look like all of the project’s goals were met.

One achievement the project did accomplish is a new skatepark in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward Village, which was  devastated  by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Lil Wayne was there for the unveiling in September. We’ve also got a clip of that below. According to a press release, the skatepark was designed and built by renowned skatepark developer California Skateparks and landscape architect Tim Duggan, of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, under the direction of GLU Agency. The eco-friendly skatepark was designed to mirror the landscape of the Lower Ninth Ward.

“The main floor of the indoor park represents a portion of the street grid around The Village, with a line down the center representing Caffin Avenue.  Connecting bank and quarter pipe end pieces at either end of the park represent the Mississippi River and the Bayou Bienvenue,” notes the press release.

The DeWeezy Project wasn’t just a skatepark. Through the project, Mountain Dew has also partnered with Stoked, an organization that promotes personal development, academic achievement and healthy living to under-served youth via action sports.

For the final phase of the project, Weezy reached out to teens. According to TargetMarketNews, “In collaboration with the action sports youth development agency Stoked, the program enlisted 10 teens from the NYC area to work with brand and industry executives… to co-create a :30 second television commercial. Through, fans were able to follow the teens’ journey and vote for their favorite concepts and final cuts.”

Although the project is over, there wasn’t much media coverage or even word on just how involved Lil Wayne was and how many kids participated. With the good it looks to be doing, we’re hoping it was more than just a short-lived publicity stunt.

Lil’ Wayne Quits Rap for Skateboarding?

August 4th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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"lil' wayne" "lil wayne"


No more rap songs from Lil’ Wayne? Say it’s not so??

Well it looks like Lil’ Wayne has a new passion- skateboarding that’s luring him away from his rap career. The Young Money star who has put out nine popular studio albums and numerous mixtapes is ready to take a break from the rap game despite being one of the most popular rappers of the moment. In an interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, he talked about his recent decision to make a stronger commitment to skateboarding and step away from rapping. Read more here…

Are you going to our favorite pint-sized rapper?



Weekend Wrap-Up! Lil Wayne Might Be In Trouble Again, The Truth About Fantasia+ More!

May 20th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Hey loves! The weekend is just about over but before I bid you adieu, here are a few tidbits the celebs left for us. It’s always something with them…

Teen Follows His Dream of Opening Skateboard Shop

December 23rd, 2010 - By TheEditor
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(Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) — Starting Black Smith Skate Shop wasn’t exactly what Denard Smith, 17, was expecting.  “I thought it would be a lot more retail and less spreadsheets and doing taxes and whatnot,” said Smith, an enthusiastic skateboarder who sells a line of skateboards, T-shirts, wheels and bearings.  But all the paperwork hasn’t discouraged the Greece Olympia senior from opening his business with the help of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a program that has helped students in grades six through 12 open more than 200 businesses.  Through YEA, students learn how to make a business plan, file appropriate paperwork with the county clerk, listen to advice from local entrepreneurs, go on field trips and eventually pitch business proposals to a panel of potential investors.

Read More…

Making The Brand: Skateboarding Pro Terry Kennedy

August 16th, 2010 - By TheEditor
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By Tarice L.S. Gray

"Terry Kennedy"The board sport industry, which includes snowboarding and skateboarding, is an $11 billion business. Skateboards represented 60 percent of sales in 2006 according to Boarding may be dominated by white athletes like icons Sean White and Tony Hawk but African-American skateboarder Terry Kennedy wants to change that.

He is establishing himself in the sport, not only as a fierce competitor but also as a savvy businessman. So far the 25 year old athlete has a lucrative shoe deal with Supra, which markets The Supra TK Society, a clothing deal with KR3W clothiers and a new reality show on BET. And according to him, this is only the beginning.

We caught up with Kennedy between tapings of  his new show “Being Terry Kennedy” in Los Angeles, and discussed his unlikely rise, hopes for the future, and staying true to himself.

Tell me about the new show on BET?

It’s about me becoming a mogul in skateboarding and conquering so much through that like music, fashion and actually being a family rooted person throughout all of it.

How did you come to choose skateboarding as a career?

[Growing up], you always you feel like you have to do certain stuff to fit in or if you don’t fit in you feel less of a person. Skateboarding has always been a thing to me, I never had to fit in.  It allowed me to be who I was as a person top to bottom.

Who introduced you to skateboarding?

I came across it through my friend Evan, this kid I played basketball with in eighth grade. There was this local park that everybody met up with called Cherry Park in downtown Long Beach. And he told me about it one day after school, because I kept bugging him  everyday after basketball practice. So I go up there and it was funny because I saw two other kids that lived in my neighborhood who did it, and they were black kids.

You have been able to make a name for yourself in skateboarding but is this actually catching on in our community? Is there an audience of color?

It’s weird, because now I got a skate shoe that everybody wears from Puff Daddy to Seal, his wife and kids, so who knew. I go through Compton, Watts, Inglewood wherever, any inner city, Chicago wherever, black kids skate. It’s a blessing, I would have never thought people would pick up on it the way they’ve picked up on it now. I’ve got the number one selling shoe right now. You rarely get people that don’t skate to buy into the culture. It’s been a blessing I’ve been able to break down that barrier.

It feels like a cultural movement but it’s also been beneficial in the building of the Terry Kennedy brand.

It’s more of us, but I’ve been blessed to be the one who stands in the forefront.

Who sponsors you?

My main sponsors are Supra shoes, Baker skate boards, Boost Mobile phones, Venture trucks, KR3W clothing. The first company that sponsored me was Baker Skateboards.

Do you ever think why you? How have you managed to find this level of success?

People told me it’s how I looked on the skateboard. Also, I guess I was African American – you rarely see that, and then my persona, the way I dressed, the way I carried myself…I was just this kid that’s from Long Beach who just happened to make it out.

Who’s your role model in the sport as an athlete and businessman?

Tony Hawk was the first person who took branding, marketing and even skateboarding to a major scale.

What professional advice did he offer you?

He told me to stay true to who I am and never forget where I came from. Whether you get some money in your pocket or not ,you’re always going to be the same person.

You mentioned music is also one of your endeavors. What are you doing in hip hop?

We’ve got a group called Fly Society, which includes me, my cousin H.I.T and my friend Felix. I got into music three years ago in 2007 and it helped me. I lost my mom, I lost my best friend and I got shot because I skateboarded and people didn’t like that. They thought it was a white boy thing. I just went through a lot of craziness. Then my cousin H.I.T. and Felix said you’ve gotta open up, because I never really talked about everything I went through. My cousin said why don’t you rap. I didn’t take it serious. Then he said, if people take to it, keep doing it. If not, you’re a skateboarder at the end of the day. So we did a record, put it on MySpace and we got a lot of hits and from their it was like the best thing. That door opened up for us and we took a meeting with Def Jam and they’re interested in us. So it’s a blessing.

What else does the future hold for you?

Just trying to be a mogul, like a Tony Hawk, Sean White, and put on the next Terry Kennedy.

Being Terry Kennedy premieres this fall on BET