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Underneath It All: Celebs Who’ve Shown Off Their Real Natural Hair

November 18th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Is it an accessory or a necessity? These 15 celebs prove that although they may wear weaves out in public, they actually have a head of beautiful hair underneath it all.

Celebs Who've Shown Their Real/ Natural Hair

Source: Facebook

Sanaa Lathan

Actress Sanaa Lathan is known for her high-end hair extensions but over the summer, the Best Man Holiday star decided to switch things up. Posting a photo of herself on Facebook sans a weave, Lathan revealed a thick and full head of hair. Lathan added the following caption: And the weave is out! #yesihaveALOTofhair #sandybrown #ineedatrim #ilovemyscalp

SideEye: Celebrity Women Who Are Surprisingly Single

November 18th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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These single celebrity women have a lot going for them. They’re smart, Hot, beautiful, talented, and make their own money So why hasn’t anyone but a ring on it yet — assuming they want one?

single celebrity women


Sanaa Lathan

Actress Sanaa Lathan has been a Hollywood staple since the late ’90s. While she has maintained consistent work since leaving the theater world behind and relocating to L.A., Nathan has kept her private life mostly private. The 42-year-old Best Man Holiday star dated football player Adewale Ogunyele for a few years but other than that, Lathan has kept her dating life to herself. A few months ago, she shared a photo of herself and San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick out together on a romantic dinner date. No word on if the two are a couple or if it was just dinner with a friend.

Actor Keith Robinson Cast In James Brown Biopic, ‘Get On Up’

November 7th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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James Brown

Source: WENN

Things really seem to be coming together for the long-awaited James Brown biopic, Get On Up. Just last week we told you that singer-turned-actress Jill Scott has been cast to play The Godfather Of Soul’s wife. We’ve just learned that Dreamgirls actor Keith Robinson has also been added to the all-star cast.

According to Shadow and Act, the 38-year-old actor will be playing the role of Baby Roy, an original member of James Brown’s band. Keith will be in the company of some of Hollywood’s most talented actors and actresses. If you recall, 42 actor Chadwick Boseman has been cast to play the role of Brown. The Help actresses Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis have also been cast to play the late singer’s aunt and mother, respectively.

Keith has already taken to Twitter to thank everyone for their support and express his excitement regarding his new role.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 3.34.21 AM

We’re pretty excited to see who else will be added to the all-star lineup.

Jill Scott Cast To Play Wife Of James Brown In Upcoming Biopic

November 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jill Scott

Source: WENN

Reason 1,000,001 why we love Jill Scott: she acts just as well as she sings.

Not many artists successfully make the music-to-movies transition, but Jill Scott certainly has. Just one month after her latest theater film, Baggage Claim, hit theaters, the über talented Philadelphia native has snatched up yet another movie role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Scott has been cast to play one of James Brown’s wives, in the highly anticipated biopic, Get On Up!

Though Jill seems to have mastered both acting and singing, a few months back she confessed to Shadow and Act that it’s pretty difficult to balance the two.

“Balancing is hard. I’ve lost roles that I really wanted because I had set up a tour.  I cancelled tours to do roles before. But I have to find the time to make that up to my audience. I made a commitment to them. Singing and acting suit me. I made a vow to myself, to do everything that I can do with this life that I have, and I have to find the time to do this. Sometimes I need to be an actress.  Sometimes I don’t need to be Jill. However, everyone is always looking for the Jill in everything.  People say that they like the characters that they believe that I am. But, I don’t as much.  I like the characters that I believe that I am not. Like my role on Law and Order. That character unnerved people. And I loved every second of it. I want to continue growing as an actress. There are ways that I can reach quicker, or deeper, with acting,” she said.

Back in August we told you that 42 actor Chadwick Boseman has been cast to play the role of James. And just last month we delivered the wonderful news that The Help actresses Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis will also be reuniting on the set to create some more of that on-screen magic. In case you missed it, Viola will be playing James’ mother, Susie Brown. Octavia will be playing the late singer’s aunt, Anne Tunney aka Aunt Honey.

As previously reported, Get On Up is scheduled to hit theaters October 17, 2014. This sounds like such an amazing line-up. We will continue to keep you posted as more celebrities are added to this all-star cast.

David E. Talbert Brushes Off Critics, Praises ‘Baggage Claim’ As No. 1 Comedy In America

October 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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'Baggage Claim'

Source: WENN

Despite recent reports that Baggage Claim was a bit of a flop at the weekend box office, director David E. Talbert took to Twitter to celebrate the film and praise it for being the number one comedy in America.


It’s great that David has chosen not to allow naysayers and negative reviews to rob him of his latest accomplishment. In case you missed it, earlier this week we told you that the Paula Patton film debuted at number four at the weekend box office, grossing only $9.3 million, though Shadow and Act estimates that it will earn at least $20 million in the coming weeks. $20 million isn’t exactly a bad thing, since the film’s budget was reportedly only $8.5 million. Hopefully the romantic comedy does better in the coming weeks.

Did you check out Baggage Claim yet? Do you plan to?

5 Reasons You Should Spend $13 (Or More) To See “Baggage Claim”

September 27th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Baggage Claim

If you’ve seen commercials for David E. Talbert’s Baggage Claim, you probably were thinking to yourself at the time, “Another Rom-Com!? I’m not about to spend my money on that!” I know that’s what I was thinking when I first heard about it months ago. Hey, just keeping it real. But after checking out the film for myself, I have to say, it’s worth every dime.

As the premise goes, Paula Patton plays Montana Moore, a 30-something flight attendant who gets the wake-up call of her (love) life when her little sister (Lauren London) gets engaged. She can’t be the only woman in the family not married! She makes it her mission to find herself a man and get engaged by the time her sister is set to have an engagement dinner–but how does one do that? Moore and her friends Gail and Sam (Jill Scott and Adam Brody) help her track down her ex-boyfriends on commercial flights so that she can “run into them” and make a love connection happen. In the process, fun foolery ensues, and by the end, you’ll be as delightfully surprised as I was. Here are five reasons why you should check out Baggage Claim. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s Funny…No, Seriously

No, really. It’s not what you think it should be: a stale Jumping The Broom-type of comedy (no offense Paula). Instead, it’s a surprisingly hilarious film where Patton shines through (without being too bubbly in an annoying way) and literally embraces physical comedy. Folks are jumping in garbage cans, running through airports, getting hit by cabs and more–all in the quest to help Patton’s character of Montana Moore get a man. What would you do for love?

Mad Eye Candy

This might be an understatement. Damn near every guy in the movie has been in somebody’s wet dreams over the years (probably without clothes). Taye Diggs, Boris Kodjoe, Terrence J, Trey Songz, Derek Luke, Djimon Honsou, and more are just a few of the gorgeous guys I ogled on-screem. From every shade of the chocolate rainbow your eyes will be blessed with, and a few of the brothas will show you what their working with in bubble bath and bedroom scenes. *Drools*

The Supporting Characters Are Everything

If there wasn’t already enough reasons to love Jill Scott, this movie might give you another. She’s absolutely hilarious as the bus+y and flirty Gail, who gives terrible advice on love while trying to keep her own dating life afloat. And then there’s Adam Brody of The OC fame who plays Sam. He’s saucy and will literally have you damn near in tears with his comical observations about the men in Montana’s life. And the interactions between Scott and Brody are just as funny.

See A New Side Of Taye Diggs

When I see Taye Diggs, I don’t see funny. Honestly, I see the Broadway play Rent, and there’s nothing funny about that. However, in this film, Diggs plays a pretentious politician (a Republican at that) named Langston who’s all about being in charge and keeping his lady in the background. With his toy dog Juicy and his speech-giving tactics everywhere he goes, Diggs manages to keep you in stitches as the pompous political player the whole time.

Support Black Folks

Romantic comedies are making a comeback. And while they’re not like some of our favorites from yesteryear, ones like Baggage Claim are refreshing and entertaining, and deserve your eyes and dollars. It’s been promoted well and the end result is actually pretty well done. Go ahead and support some good looking black folks.

‘Love Is Hard:’ Jill Scott Talks Relationship Challenges And What Divorce Taught Her

September 20th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jill Scott opens up about divorce

The beautiful, talented and super transparent Jill Scott recently sat down with Rolling Out. During her chat, the Baggage Claim actress opened up about what getting a divorce has taught her about love, raising her son, Jett, and why finding true love takes dedication. Check out her interview highlights below.

On lessons that she intends to teach her son, Jett:

“There are some things I have to instill in him as we move along. I need him to be a thinker. I don’t believe we have to make ourselves fit into someone’s comfortable space. This is a real world and we are real people. Compassion for other people counts. You have to think about your surroundings — with the world, not just America. Be mindful of where you are, and I hate to say it, but be on guard. That burns me up that I have to think about my own protection. It’s a part of where we are, where we have always been. It’s just open now. I prefer [racism] to be open and in my face. At least I know what I’m dealing with. We all know what we’re dealing with.”

On reality TV’s negative portrayal of Blacks:

“If I’m in another country and all I see [are] McDonald’s commercials, why wouldn’t I think that’s what America is? When the representation of an entire people is based on fictitious reality shows, it builds a certain box of who and what we are. To be perfectly frank, we’ve got the wives of doctors fighting in ball gowns. The television and the Internet are creating boxes for us and I believe we are starting to fall for it. Why wouldn’t everybody else? [There] has to be a balance. We’re not so simple. I think that’s a big part of the problem. You can’t expect someone to think differently if they are only shown a specific image. Unfortunately, it’s a tarnished image.”

On why finding true love is hard:

“Love is hard. Finding someone to fall in love with is the hardest part of all. Infatuation is easy. We get caught up in someone’s looks, or their money, but not the person. Or, we’re into someone for a couple of months and then the novelty fades and we’re on to the next. Love is bigger than just the emotion for the moment. Love requires patience. It requires communication. It requires and demands mutual respect and understanding. In this quick-paced world, we want immediate gratification. Our idea of love and having that is great, but the immediate gratification of having it all is what most people are after in this microwavable world. That’s what makes it such a challenge. We have to change our mentality if we want relationships that will last. Finding someone or meeting someone who is equally yoked — that’s major. Not just financially, but someone who is willing to participate with you in life and love. All of those things are what I was told to look for.”

“It’s not about falling for just anybody. You want to love the whole person. I think we’re all on a hunt. I think everybody wants to be loved and appreciated and wanted. But, you can’t just choose whoever fits the bill. There has to be a connection in a very real way. You have to be there through the good and bad times. I think this movie opens the door for us to explore those thoughts. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s very romantic.”

On what divorce taught her about marriage:

“When it was time to go, it was time to go. I now know if I were to ever get married again, it’s all the way or we’re not going. We’re not making that next move at all. That’s the issue with me. That means I have to find someone willing to make that same exact commitment. If not, life is good. Fruit is sweet, traveling is awesome, and family is healthy. I’ll live, but I would prefer to sit and love someone equally. I’m understanding love even more because I have a child. I know regardless of what he does; spill juice all over the floor or draw on the wall, that I still love him anyway. I still want his company. I still have a deep desire to hold his hand. That’s the next level of love regardless of what’s going on. We still care for one another. We’ve lost a lot of that.”

‘It Was More Than I Could Take:’ Jill Scott Talks Anita Baker ‘Beef’

September 19th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jill Scott

Source: WENN

Baggage Claim actress Jill Scott recently paid a visit to Power105.1’s The Breakfast Club, where she opened up about splitting from her ex-husband, her rumored beef with Anita Baker and dating post divorce. Check out a few excerpts from her interview below.

On constantly reinventing herself:

“It’s the time. I keep switching up because I’m working in so many different facets. I don’t want to get bored. Two days ago I was natural. I got pictures to prove that. Yesterday was curly. Today is straight. Tomorrow I’ll chop this all off probably and star all over again.”

“I don’t live in a box. I never have.”

On her rumored beef with Anita Baker:

“There’s a core of me that’s still Jill, of course. I’m going to be as kind as I can and as patient as I can. I still have an attitude when necessary. I still will fight if mandatory. I don’t want to, of course, but it is what it is. I don’t always mean fist fight, I just mean fight for my dignity and fight for my rights and my position in life.”

“[I didn’t punch Anita Baker in the face] That’s a terrible lie. We had a disagreement, yeah. Who would [swing on Anita Baker]? Anita Baker is a hero to me. I grew up listening to her music. We just had a disagreement. She was still a hero to me that day, but it was just more than I could take so I was like, ‘You know what? It’s better for me to bow out and walk away.'”

On current music projects:

“Right now I’m working with David Banner, and 9th Wonder and NeYo and Andre Harris. He’s an R&B producer. He producer ‘Caught Up’ for Usher and ‘Butterflies’ for Michael Jackson. He’s also the dude who produce ‘A Long Walk’ for me, for my first album and ‘Is It The Way.’ We’re back together working again. It’s a lot of fun.”

On her HBO series, The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, being canceled: 

“I loved that show. The producer, Sydney Pollack, and the director, Anthony Minghella, I think he won like 9 Oscars, they both died. Both of them. And then that changed everything. That’ll do it.”

“It was a great show. I thought it was really positive. There was no violence. There wasn’t a ridiculous amount of sex or anything like that. Grandparents were watching it and people of all races were watching it together, as a family and I really miss the show. We shot it in Africa.”

On her ex-husband vs. her ex-fiancé:

“Well, we just weren’t meant to be. People get things confused. People think my ex-fiancè is my ex-husband. My ex-fiancé is my son’s father. [Me and my ex-fiancé] did each other a favor. Trust.”

Watch Jill’s interview on the next page.

Been There, Done That: Jill Scott Says She’s “Not Pressed” To Get A Man

September 16th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Jill Scott

Source: WENN

You can tell from Jill Scott’s songs that when this Philly lady loves, she loves hard and we always sort of get the feeling that Miss Scott loves the idea of love. But when we chatted up the Grammy Award-winning artist at the press junket for her upcoming flick, “Baggage Claim,” she said don’t get it twisted when it comes to her sensual songs — she is hardly pressed for a man.

When we asked whether Jill she had any similarities with “Baggage Claim’s” main character, Montana, who is dying to make it down the aisle, Jill said she is quite the opposite:

“I’m not pressed for romance or love,” she told us. Love, yes. But I’m not pressed to be in a relationship with anybody. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not on a man hunt.

“Eventually, would I like to get married? I don’t know. I did that. I’ve been there and I married my best friend so if I were going to do that again I’d have to be swept – and well.”

Shoot, if you’re going to do it the first time you need to be swept — and well — but we definitely understand where Jill is coming from. No one wants to make the same mistake twice, especially when you thought the first time around was right.

Since we were on the topic of alleged mistakes, we couldn’t resist to ask Jill what’s the craziest thing she’s ever done for love and here’s what she said:

“Getting on a plane impromptu – literally just going to the airport, not knowing if there’s a flight or not – and getting on a flight and flying for six hours to apologize.”

She must’ve done something really wrong…

Check out the full second part of our interview with Jill in the video below. What do you think about what she said?


Jill Scott: I Never Said I Don’t Like Interracial Relationships, But If A White Woman Validates You, You’re Misguided

September 11th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Jill Scott

Source: WENN

I think I could listen to Jill Scott talk all day long. Not only does the 41-year-old Grammy Award winner have one of the most calming and melodic voices I’ve ever heard, she also drops a lot of knowledge whenever she opens her mouth.

When we caught up with the singer on the press junket for the upcoming movie “Baggage Claim,” we knew exactly what we wanted to ask her about: that 2010 essay on interracial dating in Essence magazine and her advice for single mothers raising black men, in light of both her admission to suffering from postpartum depression after having her son and the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Miss Scott was kind enough to speak freely on both topics and this is what she had to say.

Advice to single moms

“Be his mother, be his friend, but don’t be his girlfriend. That’s a big one.

“He’ll have to understand the repercussions of his actions. That’s your job. To make sure that he understands and feels the full brunt of what will happen if he doesn’t abide by the rules of this here house. I’m going to be lenient. I’m not going to lock you in a cage, but society will. So I need you to understand the pros and cons of being a rebel. Real spit.

“Don’t talk bad about his dad. If you have to bite your tongue in half, do that before you start talking crap about his dad. He’ll look at that as a reflection of himself and exactly who you don’t want him to be is who he’ll be because he thinks it’s in his DNA, but it’s bigger than DNA and that’s big.”

How she feels about her 2010 essay on interracial dating today

“I wasn’t talking about interracial dating and that’s where everybody seemed to get it twisted. The article was intended to be called ‘I’m just saying.’ What it ended up being was Jill Scott discusses interracial relationships. I’m a writer and the first thing I know is in order to discuss something I have to do research and that’s not what that article was about.

“It was a response, the internal response, to a happy, healthy, wealthy, black man having a white wife or a white girlfriend. What is that in us? That’s what I was talking about. Not them. Us. So it was pretty unfortunate what I ended up being on this platform where I don’t like interracial relationships. That’s not what I said. That’s not what I said at all.

“I love love. If you love that person, please love them hard and good. But if you are there because you think that having this woman validates who you are as a person, then you’re misguided and misled.”

No argument here. In the video below, Jill Scott also admitted to dating a white man before and also laid out what her idea of perfect man is, including someone who is “hungry for her love making often.”

Go head Miss Scott!

Watch the full interview below. What do you think?